View Full Version : Neddy's Birthday Today

Duvfi (Guest)
15-08-01, 07:04 AM
Just a notice today to spread the word that my neddy has turned 26 years young today! She's a gorgeous girl and has taught me so much and I love her to bits. To all of you out there, remember to cherish your horses and like humans love them for who they are as they are all different in their own ways!
To my girl, thank you for the last 5 years that I've leased you and hopefully many more to come. You're a gem!!!!

Jessica (Guest)
15-08-01, 07:25 AM
Happy Birthday Neddy. You're a wonderful girl.

Where's a photo Duvfi?

Sara (Guest)
15-08-01, 10:28 AM
We have a lovely old mare 27 years old and going strong still.