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17-08-01, 01:23 AM
Thought I have better start another one.

No comps for me this weekend, but I do have my monthly lesson with Dione Gunter on sunday which I am looking forward to very, very much. I get so much out of them. The weather may not be the best though. I missed the lesson last month as I was sick - real sick.

I dont get to ride during the week yet - still waiting for a bit more daylight. I suppose if I sneeked away from work early I could lolol.

Liz (Guest)
17-08-01, 02:10 AM
Hey Autumn

How is Will going? any improvement yet?
I am just interested because my bloke is of the dropped hip variety too!

I dragged myself out of bed yesterday at 5:30am to ride before work - was a lovely ride....but followed by a very long day at work :-)

I have riding club this weekend, lesson with Roger East (so no walking in a straight line for me on Monday...) and chance to catch up with everyone.

Can't wait - lots of comps coming up next month too...

17-08-01, 03:47 AM
Hi Autumn, I guess I come under the general Misfit (horseless
at the moment).
How is Will doing? Sorry to hear you have been sick, its seems
as though half the population is down with the flu or some nasty
stomach bug going around.

17-08-01, 04:55 AM
thanks for enquiring about Will, hes been going well so far. Ive been doing his daily exerciese (walk/trot/halt/backup) and started a bit of light lunging two weeks ago. Ive tried to keep the lunging very low key and not to get him excited so he doesnt tear around or pull away. I was told by the previous owner that he pulled away while lunging, but so far hes been an angel.

He got a little sore while lunging last sunday - I think it may have been due to the soft going in one corner. So I kept it to a walk and moved away from the soft area. Obviously he still has a way to go but hes looking ok.

He had a big 'play' with H on sunday also and charged around a fair bit so I guess that may not have helped. Mind you I havent seen him lame in the paddock. Im still waiting for a bit more daylight so I can get a bit more done with him during the week and hopefully will get to riding him in the next few weeks.

17-08-01, 04:57 AM
PS: ive started fixing up my cavaletti ends and hope to buy new poles in a few weeks, I can then start him walking over poles to help his back.

21-08-01, 07:31 AM
So, how was everyone's weekends?
Saturday here was as windy as all heck! I started to lunge, and both Kado and I nearly got blown away, so I gave up... yesterday however, was much more manageable and we managed to have a nice dressage session - I decided to ride with determination and pretend as though I had someone there instructing me, and hey presto! it worked... It's amazing how much you really are harder on yourself and more insistent with your horse when you are either under instruction, or in my case on sunday, pretending!!!

We're off to get one leg xrayed at the hock and stifle area on friday so wish us luck - suspect there is something going on in one of those areas though, which is probably why he is so continually stiff in his hind muscles. I gave him a lengthy bum massage yesterday which he enjoyed no end... head low and swinging in time to my massage! cute.

21-08-01, 08:22 AM
We tried to go to a dressage comp at Sutton Forrest (Bowral Dressage Club). Mr Peg was all ready and when we got there, there was no-one there! The day had been cancelled due to all the wind! It never occured to me that something would get cancelled because of wind! Rain yes, wind no! It was very freaky - all the arenas were set up but there was not a soul in sight.

The organisers had called my home phone (not the phone of the place where my horse is) and then called my partner's mobile to say that the day was cancelled. Of course, the phone was turned off! So, we had a two hour round trip for nothing!

I think Mr Peg thought we were mad, plaiting him up and then taking him on a float trip only to end up at home!

Oh well, we're dressaging again next weekend at Cobbitty.

Good luck with Kado, Caroline - hope all goes well!

Dragoness (Guest)
21-08-01, 08:49 AM
Oh Kym, you poor thing, though I must admit that it did give me a giggle.... I wouldnt have thought it would have been called off due to wind, but I cant say I blame them, I HATE wind!!

Hope you find the source of Kados problems, Caroline. dont they look funny when you're giving them massages and they get all sleepy. Genie gets really funny when you scratch her tail, stretches her neck right out and makes scratching movements with her mouth. Now, just recently she has taken to talking to me, which I just love. The horse she is in with talks alot when he sees you, and she is picking up on it. The feed shed is right next to her paddock, so when I go in there, she can hang over the gate and see me, and just quietly whickers (is that the right word??) at me... ssooo cute!!!

Well, I had every intention of riding on the weekend, but the wind at our place was awful!!! While Genie isnt too bad, and doesnt get stirred up, the place I ride is under a heap of gum trees, I didnt fancy being struck by a falling branch. So... If tomorrow isnt too bad, Ill be heading out. the thing I love about Gens is that I can get on after a month, and just pick up where I left off.

How was everyones weekend? Got Camden comng up this weekend, Im grooming for 3, maybe 5 horses, so a busy weekend for me, but I love it!!


Jessica (Guest)
21-08-01, 09:45 AM
Hello, you may have seen me drop in here and there on other posts, but I this thread took my fancy as I'm currently working up to competition again after 16 years off! I'm based in Dural, and am riding a friends horse at the moment - 'Samson' 1/2 Clyde, 1/2 Q-Horse. Absolutely gorgeous and a huge heart. We've just started riding with Kellyville Riding Club and we're enjoying that no end - any other members here? Anyone going to their ODE on 1-2 August? Also, we took a drive out to Clarendon on Sunday hoping to get a look at Jump Club - does anyone know why it wasn't on? Were we in the wrong place (Hawkesbury Showground) on the wrong day (every possibility)? I'm having a wonderful time riding Sammy and getting my confidence in order, and although I took a tumble yesterday on to some VERY HARD GROUND, and I'm bruised in places only I see ;-), I'm having a heap of fun.

Liz (Guest)
22-08-01, 03:40 AM
Hi posters

Sounds like everyone was caught by the wind on the weekend...I've never heard of a comp. being cancelled due to wind though.
I had riding club on Sunday and had a GREAT lesson, it was so interesting, really got me thinking about my position and how influential it is....pity its not better ;-)
I'm dying to get back on and practice what I learned but sadly its back to work!

Good luck with Kado Caroline, hopefully you get some good news. I was wondering - did you do a course in equine massage? I'd love to be able to massage my guy because he is working in quite a different frame now, and I'm sure he would appreciate a massage when he's building all those new muscles. I'd be interested to know.

Ouch Jessica - sorry to hear to took a tumble, glad you're still having fun.

Where are you Moose? how is the canter going?

moose (Guest)
22-08-01, 04:29 AM
Yeah ha!!!!Im still cantering!!!!If I can manage to keep it going for about 2 or 3 laps around the arena (a big one) An achievement on its own, the stride relaxes (a widdle tiny bit)& the frame (head) lowers (worn the ostridge out). We still have not stearing at canter so BMX bike corners are the go, to be able to get around short side so I can get a long side, they are better.

The left strike off is a little more reliable. I change of bit, hollow loose ring to a KK doesnt seem to have made any difference. The noseband (loose crank) is still an item of dislike, a X (grakle) may be more suitable as she seems to saw the lower jaw while in disagreement. Got to find it tho....under 10 yrs of dust in a trunk somewhere!.

She doesnt like the rain in her face (but lets face it what clipped horse does) but tollerates it if we MUST work in the squall we got caught in. No way I was gonna stop....woulda got blown to your place autumn, since it was a wicked westerly. Doesnt give 2 hoots about the quater sheet ...that got a workout.

I have booked in for a dressage & jumping clinic at end of Sept. & may have our 1st trip to an indoor this weekend if HWMBO doesnt "do the gearbox" on the truck & its in bits all over the back yard!? So I better ring the Farrier & arrange for some shoes to be put on.

Oh and a grissle, I went to a couple of horse shops yeaterday (a once in a blue moon occurance) & neither of them were particularly helpful & do you know the price of girths these days?!!!!!! Does anyone have or know if a double jointed D bit exists.....they dont think so. I was considering it for starting a youngster, soft double joint & the D cheeks for extra steering & no bit pull thru mouth probs.

Enought waffle, I hope This wind eases up so we can all get some riding in , least the wind dries out some of the mud & slush...

Moose & molly

22-08-01, 04:51 AM
Wind and rain go away come again another day !!!

Boy what a weekend. Nearly got blowen off the hill at home with all that wind on sat - geez what a horrid day. Gale force winds, tons of rain and hail and freezing cold. Only went outside to feed and check rugs. My lessons with Dione got cancelled - not that I was looking forward to riding in that kind of weather.

Sunday as a bit better as the sun came out but there was still tons of wind and it rained & hailed later early evening. Even managed to get a short ride in and he was very well behaved in gale force winds. Went to a friends place and made a forsale video of their horse to send off - it was alot of fun and the horse was very well behaved considering the wind, cows and being ridden on her own.

I have our club comp this weekend - which I have organised - phew. Im riding two tests and one round of jumping and also doing some penciling. Cross your fingers for good weather !!!

Fiona in Tassie (Guest)
22-08-01, 04:59 AM
Hi Autumn,
I have a riding club dressage comp this weekend too - doing the 1A and 1D (two weeks later I have to do the 1B and 2B in open competition - eeeeeek!).
Could be interesting, as I couldn't ride all weekend due to the weather, which means that by this weekend Grace won't have been ridden for 2 weeks. Last time I did that she was fine, but it does worry me that there is spring grass coming through and she is a 4yo mare... :-)
Then again, I am hoping that the break might have 'cemented' the good canter work she finally started to give me a couple of weeks ago (and hopefully uncemented the "I can't possible give you a good canter AND a good trot!" attitude :-)).

Liz (Guest)
22-08-01, 05:58 AM
Aaah Moose - you crack me up...love the BMX bit and so, so true. For the last year at least every time I have a lesson, the instructor asks what we want to work on its always the same :
Canter, and transitions into and out of Canter...
The ostrich still lurks, but is finally becoming less prominent!

Pity about the bit problems, I was thinking though, I have a french snaffle thats an eggbutt (I think) but the rings are quite D shaped, you might want to check that sort of thing out. Only thing is the one I'm talking about I bought about 15 years ago....so chances are they've changed it by now.

23-08-01, 07:29 AM
just bringing this back up front :-)

23-08-01, 08:06 AM
Well...xrays booked in definitely for Friday. Oh well, at least we get to the bottom of things hopefully.

Liz, no I haven't done a course in massage, but our massage therapist is very good and has shown me a few things, plus I have picked up the massage person's bible, which is brilliant. It's hard learning the 'feel', but if your horse's muscles feel 'stringy' then there is tension there that needs to be released. The area that gets really tight and sometimes puffy is the groove between the base of the neck and the shoulder area - if you tap lightly with the heel of your hand running down the groove, that helps to ease the muscles, then actually putting your elbow gently into the groove and running it straight down helps to release it more - I had thought that what Kado had at the base of his neck was muscle until I saw it releasing after a massage. amazing. There is a lady (Sharon May Davis) coming over from the UK, for a two day clinic in Sydney which I am going to take Kado to, The Equine's Musculo-skeletal System, Basic Massage Techniques, a thorough and comprehensive Routine, plus Indications and Contra-indications.

Moose.... love it - you must have the patience of a saint! I'm glad it's going well.
Autumn, you're blitzing it babe! congrats - and I'm glad that Will is coming along nicely for you, he's a lucky boy.
fiona - good luck...!!!
Jessica, glad you bounced back on your horsey!
I'll report back on Kado's verdicts....it's so annoying, there doesn't appear to be any lameness or unevenness, but something's happening to make those muscles so tight all the time.......money out, money out, money out.... oh...where's my SUGAR DADDY.....!!?

24-08-01, 02:18 AM
PS Dragoness.....have fun on the weekend, sounds like you have your work cut out for you!!! I was going to try and pop over to Camden for a wee look, but... it now appears there's some dreaded family barbeque on Saturday, and I've promised a friend to help her with pre wedding preps on Sunday...[sigh]....

Kym...check your email!! LOL - Mr Pegasus could have had wings!!

Dragoness (Guest)
24-08-01, 03:13 PM
Caroline, If you somehow manage to get away to Camden, you'll see me, Ill be the one running around like a chook without a head... hehe.
Spoke to Sal tonight, hhmmm, We have a 2.30am start on Saturday morning. Want to be on the road with the horses by about 3.15am and hopefully be there about 6am.... first horse is on at 8am.... Gotta love early morning plait jobs with frozen fingers.... Fingers crossed the wind will stay away!!

Hope everyone has fun on the weekend at their various things.


25-08-01, 12:52 AM
Bad news about the weather for our annual CT comp this weekend.
I have been working my butt of for ages getting all this organised and the forecast for sunday is rain and then showers. Not what I wanted to hear.

Out with the gumboots and raincoat *sigh*.

25-08-01, 12:54 AM
2.30am START, wow you guys are either real crazy or real keen!!!

Best of luck - I hope all goes well for you with such a long day:-)

28-08-01, 02:21 AM
..so .... how was everyone's weekend? Dragoness..have you recovered yet? Autumn, did your rain stay away?
It's pouring here now, and cold, and apparently snowing in Goulburn..brrrrr.... i wish i was one of my dogs right now, snuggled on their cushions in front of the heater..
well... i have finally found a decent vet! within a couple of minutes he said, you know your horse has fractured his hip at some point... god, no wonder the poor thing is continually sore in his hindquarters, given that his hip bone is dropped on one side. we also did xrays on his front legs as the vet was worried that his pigeon toed action would be causing some ringbone, but all xrayed okay, so now we have to do some correctional shoeing once more to try and straighten his action up a bit. luckily i now have an excellent farrier who is willing to follow the vet's diagrams!

Apparently with the hip, I just have to ensure he works a lot of long and low, to stretch his topline and do hind leg stretches etc, which is what I do already.

28-08-01, 04:37 AM
phew...........what a weekend. We where to lucky with the weather, not one drop of rain to spoil out comp. It was a great day and everyone enjoyed themselves. Ironpony was one of the judges which went down really well as people where pleased to see a 'new face' in this area.

I rode 2 tests, 1 jump round, penciled, gear checked and alot of other things, then helped pack up at the end of the day. I was pretty tired when I got home but we where all so please it went so well. I cant thank all the helpers enough.

How did your weekends go??

Liz (Guest)
28-08-01, 05:37 AM
Hi Everyone

Glad to hear that your comp went well Autumn - I must admit that when you mentioned it last week I did think it was going to be awful weather, so it just goes to show you can be lucky!

Caroline - yes I've had Alistair Brooks work on my horse before and he did the neck thing, its pretty amazing isn't it. He did show me how to do it but I never really go the hang of it. Don't worry too much about the dropped hip thing - my horse has one of those too! He gets a bit sore from time to time, but usually works through it, and when he doesn't then I get Alistair out to work out the knots and he improves dramatically.
I've just booked him in for a session because he's started getting touchy and tail swishy again.

Whats the news from Camden?? Or are you all too exhausted to be awake yet??

I had a quiet one, lesson on Saturday but Mac was sore and a bit grumpy, he still worked quite well though. Yesterday just a quiet trail ride to loosen up after the lesson. Two weeks till our next comp - hope Alistair can come out soon :-)

Dragoness (Guest)
28-08-01, 06:30 AM
Hi Y'all, Im back!!!

Well, Camden was BUSY!! but I survived. Only ended up doing 3 horses, which made the weekend a little slower. Up at 2am Saturday morning, arrived there at about 6.30. Gotta hate trying to plait a fresh horse who wants to look at everything, with freezing fingers... I was in bed by 8.30 (what a rager!! LOL) up at 5.30 the next morning, but it was an easier day. Rain came over about 3pm, which was disappointing, cause Saturday was glorious!! Was a great event though. X country was lovely, going was perfect, and while the jumps were big (ssoooo glad I wasnt riding!!) the course for all levels seemed to ride very nicely. Only complaint I had was that in the rain, the presentation took way too long. Nearly 2 hours from the finish of the x country.... by then everyone was getting pretty annoyed. but all in all, a very nice event.
Then to top it all off, on the freeway on the way home, we were one of the first people on the scene of an accident. Luckily the guy didnt seem to be too badly hurt, just trapped in his car which was overturned onto the rock face and all squished in. Sal was great, climbed in under the car and talked to the guy until the ambulance arrived. Finally climbed into bed at midnight....

Caroline, glad you found the source of Kado' problem, and now know how to fix it. should be full steam ahead for you guys!!

Liz, whats the comp in 2 weeks?

Autumn, glad you had a nice weekend as well!!!!

anyway, I should head off and do some work (for some reason people think Im here to actually work!!!!!)


EQU 501 (Guest)
28-08-01, 09:24 AM
I had a good one at Camden too,but Sunday when I was to do my cross-country at 1.30 and didnt go on until 3.45pm when it was pouring with rain,had a clear round but went to fast and got 5.20 pentals which drop me out of the placeing,any way that the way it gos,unfortuately I must sell my Horses,so if anyone looking for an experience pre-novice horse,12yrs,16.1.hh.grey gelding,100% sound with No vices,at a very reasonable price,let me know.

Kym (Guest)
29-08-01, 02:54 AM
hi guys,

I had a good weekend.

I took Mr Peg to a dressage day at Sugarloaf Cobbitty Equestrian club. We got a 2nd in the official 1D! Yay! I was so happy.

We also did okay in the novice,except that I screwed up - tracked left instead of right at C - did half the test before they had realised I had gone the wrong way! The judge thought the markers were back to front! I had a feeling that I was doing the test back to front - but there was no omninous honk of the horn to tell me so! Oh well... We still scored 55%

Caroline, glad you've finally gotten to the bottom on Kado's problems. Hopefully from here, everything will start getting better.

Oh well, better get back to the lab exercise I'm supposed to be doing.

Kym - who's on a boring sybase database course...

Aunty Ma (Guest)
29-08-01, 04:42 AM
Good to hear others are competing in this vile weather. I got soaked thru waiting for my tests at the weekend at Taree Dressage Champs. Was worth it.... Irish and I became the Reserve Preliminary Champs - our first broard ribbon!! Taking a "roughie" to Dungog next weekend (eventing - I'm the groom) It really is an effort to and keep him in work in this weather.

29-08-01, 04:50 AM
Well from the sounds of it we where very lucky with the weather - it started raining yesterday arvo (monday) here and hasnt stopped. Congrats to those who did so well.

This weekend I have lessons with Tony U - if it doesnt rain !!! cross your fingers :-)

29-08-01, 04:53 AM
Equ - please email me with the details of your horse yuna.rickard@nre.vic.gov.au -thanks.

Jessica (Guest)
29-08-01, 08:11 AM
Anyone attending Kellyville ODE this weekend? Or Hoofbeats the weekend after?

Liz (Guest)
31-08-01, 09:01 AM
Hi Jessica

I've never even HEARD of Kellyville! I guess it must be NSW? Mind you I'm a city slicker so not very good at country geography.
I'm going to Werribee the weekend after this for a Combined Training day, which will get us going (hopefully) after a few weeks off the early starts, plaiting and madly memorising dressage tests *grin*.
Haven't got an ODE for about another 6 weeks or so.....:-(

What about everyone else? Anyone going out this weekend?