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06-12-09, 12:43 PM
I am dressage co-ordinator for our local club. I am thinking ..just thinking at this stage... of running a dressage protocol day - thats where you ride a test, the judge talks it over with you, and you ride the test again, or certain movements you need to work on. Its not a comp.

For this one I am thinking of running only one test at each level, and calling it a "Try the Next Level Day". This is to encourage those people who are stuck in one level and not confident at competing at the next to actually have a go. So they can ride 2 tests, one at their comfort level, and then if they want to ride two, they need to go up a level and have a go. I know if I have 2 tests at each level, this won't happen. It also makes it easier for the judge, they only have to do a couple of different tests each.

What do you reckon? Will it work? Should I be trying to encourage people to aim a little higher?

06-12-09, 12:53 PM
I think it would be successful. There is a club in Sydney that runs such events quite regularly. It always seems to get quite a good turn out.
I for one would definitely attend such a day to get a chance to get some good feedback from a judge.

06-12-09, 02:00 PM
Great idea. Wish we had someone running that sort of thing this way :)

06-12-09, 03:09 PM
We run these type of days regularly. The only difference is that we get an instructor/s in to help the riders in between tests - they get their sheets straight after the first test and then go to the instructor to work on the things the judge thought needed work before doing their second test. That way the judge can keep going with minimal interruption, easier to keep things on time.

06-12-09, 03:20 PM
I would prefer a judge to an instructor though just to get a different perspective from the person who is actually giving you the marks.
A lot of instructors aren't judges and as such haven't done the judge training.
I try and attend judging workshops whenever I can because I feel as a competition rider I want to know what the people sitting in the cars are being told.

06-12-09, 04:55 PM
I went to a protocol day like you're describing LD and it was brilliant. Sadly, the people organising it never attempted it again. I think it was because they run a business & it just wasn't profitable for them.

But I loved it, and would go again if there were one in our area.

There are those however, who insist that you shouldn't attempt the next level if you're just not ready. I penciled for a judge the other day who was pretty surprised at the level of horses competing medium, she felt that some were just not ready for those movements, t-shirt day or not.

That was at a comp though, not a protocol day. I think you need to make clear to riders that they're there to learn about the next movements, not to be judged on them.

In what part of the world will this be held? Good luck.

06-12-09, 06:18 PM
I am also having to organise our first comp of the year for Feb, and was thinking about doing this protocol day for January, when we don't normally run anything. But seeing our last event was last weekend, thats 2 whole months with nothing on.

We have several riders that won't make the transition from Prep to Prelim, these are the people I am trying to encourage. I think once they get to novice and above they should know what they can and cannot do. If you are competing medium, and working advanced, it is the perfect time to ride a complete advanced test and have it critiqued properly. You can go home and work on all the weaker elements and be better prepared for your first real comp. I know the last protocol day we ran, I did elementary for the first time, and I did better than expected, but also figured out what I need to work on. 12 months on, I don't think I have progressed at all however for various reasons (and the new tests are harder....)

I don't mind if it doesn't make money (club does quite well, we are lucky), though we will charge more per test because each person will be allotted 20 minutes of the judges time.

I will hunt up judges for the comp and then see if i can get grab a couple who are instructors as well to do a day in January for me.

We are mid Nth coast NSW.

06-12-09, 07:44 PM
We run these every month at our club that we do not have official competitions.

Ours do run a little differently though. We call them training days. You do not have to re-ride the same test if you do not want to. The judge does not talk to you after the test, but writes encouraging comments on the test.

The tests are not added up, you just go and collect it from the car when you want it.

Nearly all our judges ride. If you judge or pencil for a reasonable amount of time, you get your tests for free. So Basically, these days cost our clubs nothing to run. We use all the profits to run our Championships each year.

Each month we use two arena's and have them running for 4-5 hours. So we have a pretty good turnout.

I love using these days to get the young ones out.