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Nicole (Guest)
24-08-01, 10:34 AM
I am a new rider who is having trouble jumping in a stock saddle. Please Help!

tgh (Guest)
24-08-01, 10:52 AM
Nicole .. you are on the wrong forum... slide over to Auseques and ask the question of lou .. she can tell you all about it.
Sadly she is incommunicado on this forum..through no fault of her own .. :-)

Jan Heine
24-08-01, 11:01 AM
Actually Nicole there are plenty of people in here who are very strong on their showjumping - and the simple answer is that jumping in a stock saddle is not advisable - it is designed to do stock work in and thus holds you in a position to be comfortable doing "stock work" on the hustings - a jumping saddle or an all purpose saddle will put you into the correct position for jumping - so the simple answer is "not a good idea to jump in a stock saddle.

PS: TGH is business so slow you have to stand in our shop to hawk business?

tgh (Guest)
24-08-01, 01:16 PM
Jan , your singleminded and blinkered loyalty to Bill is clearly visible for all to see.

I am not an apologist for or a servant of auseques , however you present as a cbh "groupie" .

I post on both forums ( without fear or favour ).. you don't .

There was a discussion on cbh or thm about jumping in a stock saddle .. Phil Macguire does it in the bush all the time . Lou is his wife and an ex advanced eventer who has learned all the finer points of jumping in a stock saddle..

Phil got banned by Bill.

Lou , being his long suffering wife got banned by default.

I didn't think that Bill Saunders would find my post annoying given that lou was a victim of circumstance..

Lou ,having something to offer , finds Sandy's site an open and friendly place to be...

You knew all that, and a bit of charity would have been appropriate....the divisive "pesecution complex" persona doesn't suit you Jan .. try another..:-)

How about you stick to lecturing me about the future or otherwise of showjumping ..:-) .... and leave Bill , big boy that he is , to defend his own forum if he feels that is necessary.

KPF (Guest)
24-08-01, 01:44 PM
Well I have to say .. if you try and type in the word "cyberhorse" on the Auseques forum it comes out a series of splats ..

Damn juvenile I reckon.

Sandy's a really nice lady and well worth supporting. Pity about her minders.

Susan (Guest)
24-08-01, 01:59 PM
Dear Nicole,

You will find it a lot easier to improve your jumping in a jump saddle or an all purpose saddle. You will still find it possible in a stock saddle but it is a bit like trying to run the 100 metres in a pair of wellie boots.

Then again it really all depends on what type of jumping you want to do. If it is competition jumping then I would highly recomend learning with the right equipment (jumping saddle) right from the start then again if you just want to jump around the bush then a stock saddle would be fine. Whatever you use you will get used to it and develope the appropriate style.

Decide now what style you want to use because if you start in one type of saddle now and then change to a different type later on you will then have to go through a phase of getting used to the different saddle.

As far as having trouble with your jumping is concerned just keep practicing and if you can get some lessons.

tgh (Guest)
25-08-01, 12:40 AM
It has now passed my mind that this thread may have been a silly game... sorry to have added to it.

Being a simple person .. I assumed that the poster was a stock saddle rider who wanted to learn how to pop over logs and trees in the bush with the minimum of difficulty...never passed my mind that the rider may have beeen planning to enter the puissance at the next Sydney Exhibition...

And yeah .. I reckon the red dots are pretty childish too..
I am not a paid up card carrying member of the Bill S fan club like Jan .. but he seems to have had a reasoning injection and has taken a pretty tolerant view of things lately .. and that's commendable. Nothing like a bit of serious competition to make everyone lift their game.

Centaur (Guest)
25-08-01, 02:04 AM
Your not a simple person tgh...your a bloody ##### stirrer!;-)
Why on earth dredge up cyberworlds answer to Russell Coight!!! Forget it and move on!
Bill lifting his game??? There's always been 2 forums, Eqes has just taken over from THM thats all. Get a grip.
Nicole, can you please give us a bit more info. You say your having trouble jumping in a stock saddle...I'm not surprised. Do you want to though? As Susan said, are you just bush bashing or are you serious about jumping?

Jan Heine
25-08-01, 02:43 AM
I am not and never really have been one to get into slanging matches as many here know but TGH you seem to have another sub-agenda running because I don't think that my comments were anything akin to a card carrying member of anything - pop back to my original post here where I gave my advice (for what it is worth) and then simply asked about business in your shop - I have NEVER posted in other forums other than the THM Breeding forum and thanks to Bill starting one of those here I have that part of my needs satisfied - I have never felt the need to post elsewhere - not being dogmatic or card carrying anything - just content in the playground I have thanks - I have never lived my life thinking that the grass is greener on the other side - my grass has always been just perfect for me *grin*.
As to lecturing you TGH - nope don't do that - have discussions I thought!
And maybe you could let Bill speak for himself - he is actually exceptionally capable of doing that - and as for taking reasoning injections, or whatever you said, - funny when he is seen to be "helping your cause" he is reasonable and when he won't follow your party line "he is a bastard" - really TGH perhaps you need to take a nice long holiday and laze in the sun somewhere - sounds to me like you need a break *smiling in a friendly way at someone who used to be a friend*
And as for Nicole - we all need more info to be able to give better advice *grin*

AM (Guest)
25-08-01, 06:26 AM
Goodness me, this is a disgrace. The poor girl asks a question and another person uses it as an opportunity to advertise AND slag off - both of which have nothing to do with the original question. TGH you talk of this "serious competition", makes you sound like a paid up member of the Auseques forum club - rather hypocritical of you. And the person who was eventing at adavanced level, was that in a stock saddle was it? My advice to you is to spend more time with your husband/boyfriend/family/horses instead of demeaning the new bulletin board by your hostile banter over here.

Nicole, jumping in a stock saddle requires little or no lift from the rider as it is a totally different style to the normal release and assist position the rider uses. I have tried it and couldn't get out of my 'old' ways in trying to get off the horses back so it was not something I persisted with. Not sure who would be best to help you except for an aussie stockman/bushman. Perhaps advise on what area you are and others may be able to help?

Pussycat (Guest)
25-08-01, 02:02 PM
I fear that many a Nicholas has become a Nicolette by jumping in a stock saddle! Sure, you can pop over little logs in the bush, but if you are talking competition then you have to get the right gear! A western saddle would be worse I guess - Aaaarg - the horn!!!!!

Basically you can't get your stirrups short enough in a stock saddle to really be able to get enough bend through your leg joints to absorb the movement of the jump comfortably (look at all the ponyclubbers trying to jump with long stirrups and see how unstable they are in the saddle, and how unhappy their horses tend to look!).

I like the analogy of the wellies. Cheers.

Ps. Re. this forum vs. the 'other' Guys, who cares, and who has time to get on both? Not me. Back to the real world!

Fi (Guest)
25-08-01, 02:29 PM
I got caught out once and did some jumping in a stock saddle....let's just say that the bruises on my thighs caused many a raised eyebrow at the hydro pool over the next few weeks!!! Needless to say I went out and bought an all purpose saddle that week!

Ghostrider (Guest)
25-08-01, 03:15 PM
could someone give me the address for auseques forum please

unicorn girl
27-08-01, 07:46 AM
To Nicole,
I think that u should seriously consider buying a GP or a jumping saddle if u want to be at least half comfortble when u are jumping. On the other hand of u are not all that serious about it and don't care that much just continue what you are doing!

# (Guest)
27-08-01, 02:39 PM

campdrafter (Guest)
28-08-01, 09:55 AM
i don't know what sort of stock saddles those losers are riding in but i have a Davis and Sons Stockman's throne and a Neil McKeller and i have no problem in the world jumping big logs whilst chasing cattle. If you have a stock saddle i assume you are just bush riding and believe a little practice and a good stock saddle should see you through.

Have fun chasing cattle,

me and me (Guest)
29-08-01, 12:45 AM
hi nicole, i think you need to get a diff saddle, you dont see cathy freeman running in "blundstones" do ya?!