pookiesgirl (Guest)
08-09-01, 04:12 AM
Can't contain my excitement - the mare I posted about a couple of times has been recovered just now! I can't go into too much detail just at the moment but I wanted to let everybody know that we've finally got her back. Suffice to say her 76 yr old owner is over the moon and can't wait to get her down to Victoria to her new home. She has been recovered as a result of the co-operation of many horse people - it truly is a small "horsey" world! The beer will be flowing tonight!

08-09-01, 04:31 AM
What an aweful experience for all involved.I'm so glad it is over for all concered.

Mills (Guest)
08-09-01, 04:33 AM
Great news! Everyone must be really relieved.
Tell us the story of how she was recovered when you get a chance, will you?

Jules P (Guest)
08-09-01, 04:38 AM
That is just brilliant! Thanks for letting us know. Hope the poor mare was in good condition.

08-09-01, 04:39 AM
Great news.

Hope Cyberhorse was helpful in spreading the word.

SNH (Guest)
08-09-01, 04:44 AM
That's excellent news. Her owner must be just so excited to be getting her back.

pookiesgirl (Guest)
08-09-01, 04:45 AM
Yes Thanks so much Bill and everybody else - CH was excellent in helping to spread the word - the info went all over Australia but in the long run she turned out to be alot closer to home than we thought she would be. She should be on a float in about 20 minutes so I'll let you all know how she's doing as soon as I get an update. Party has already been scheduled for this evening!

dollyd (Guest)
08-09-01, 04:45 AM
congratulations pookiesgirl. that must be an amazing relief for the owner. A happy ending!!! Please tell more when and if you can

Jessica (Guest)
08-09-01, 05:12 AM
Best news I've had all week. Has bought tears to my eyes. What a wonderful, wonderful ending to an awful event. Best wishes to all, and have a drink for your cyber-mates tonight! I know we wish we were there!

08-09-01, 05:13 AM
Heather....bloody brilliant

08-09-01, 05:46 AM
Wow..that is so exciting. I was wondering about that mare the other night when I was looking through the latest Horse Deals...
What excellent news.

pookiesgirl (Guest)
08-09-01, 06:01 AM
Yes Jessica - I was teary eyed myself - best news I think I've had for the past six months actually! There have been some really awful things happening in our small group of horsey friends, each of us has been having our own hardships in one way or another for quite a while now and I'm hoping this will bring us closer together again and finally close the door on the bad karma that seems to have been hanging over our heads.

Sally from Bamawm
08-09-01, 06:12 AM
Over the moon for you and the owner!!! Followed this story as it happened and could not imagine the grief you must have felt. Just so, so happy for you and hope your mare is in good condition, she is one beautiful girl.

cgh (Guest)
08-09-01, 06:54 AM
Yayyy Heather! What good news - I was convinced that with all the publicity the theft got in Sydney horsey circles they would eventually find the culprits.

I hope the Police charge whoever has the horse now - but don't take too long to let us know all the details - I know I'm a sticky beak, but everyone on CH felt for the owner and I'm sure I'm not the only one dying to hear the goss :7 :7 :7

08-09-01, 07:13 AM
Absloutely, bloody fantastic.
Big hugs and kisses :*:*:*:*:*:* from down here in Tassie for Matie and her owner.
Will have a few Beers for them both tonight.

pookiesgirl (Guest)
08-09-01, 07:13 AM
CGH - I've been looking for you in the Naice showies thread - where have you been???!!

You'll have to be on the edge of your seats for a couple of days yet as the police have yet to see the person responsible and have therefore not charged the person yet - we do know who it is though. I'm afraid you'll all have to check back on Monday.

The mare has been removed from the property where she was being hidden and is on her way home. Her condition is described as OK - a little bit underweight and woolly - it could have been alot worse that's for sure!

08-09-01, 07:16 AM
Brilliant news, my heart went out to you guys when I saw the original posts. Lets hope the mare is OK and the police prosecute whoever took her. Pats on the back to all concerned in finding her!

lovlee (Guest)
08-09-01, 01:28 PM
Congrats too your little horsey community. What a relief! Waiting to hear details of course, when your allowed.
Was it a fluke of finding her or did someone tell you to look at a certain spot?
I bet the mare was happy to see everybody as well!!
I have a drink for you tonight.

pookiesgirl (Guest)
11-09-01, 12:14 AM
Well, the person responsible for stealing her "let the cat out of the bag" to somebody and that somebody got enough info that we could get in touch with a farrier that had attended the horse. Hence horse was recovered. The poor people who own the property where the horse was had no idea she was stolen and were good friends with the person responsible. The mare's condition apparantly leaves alot to be desired, but fortunately she is alive and on her way back to where she belongs.

S*T*O*L*I (Guest)
11-09-01, 02:12 PM
I am soooo glad!!! Its great she has been recovered, and alive!
I hope the person who stole her gets severly punished. Hope nothing more happens to her or any of you in your horsey community. :)