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Bill S.
05-03-00, 01:45 AM
I've just been doing some work on eventing results and I noticed what seemed to be quite a minor event at St Gregorys had a $1000 prize for the winner. Don't know about the placegetters.

How do you get prizes that big in eventing? In dressage, the normal club competition gives first prize of $50 (plus the coveted ribbon) which barely returns the entry fee, let alone pay for any expenses.

I have no idea what the prizemoney is in showjumping but I've heard somewhere that its even more than eventing.

Can someone explain what sort of prizemoney they are used to competing for and where it comes from?

Jan Heine
06-03-00, 08:50 PM
Well Bill - showjumping can vary from show to show - Barastoc for example - our win of Bararstoc Showjumping Horse of the Year was $297.00 for 1st place. This weekend just gone the prize money went as follows:
D Grade AM3 - $100, $70, $50, $30,$20,$10
entry fee $7.00
D GRade Championship - $150, $100, $60, $40, $30,$10,
entry fee $10.00

1.40m AM3 - $200, $160, $120, $80, $60, $40
entry fee $15.00

1.40m Championship - $600, $450, $300, $200, $100, $50

entry fee $30.00

The Grand Valley Showjumping Classic is VERY good money and much better than most - the money comes from the huge list of sponsors who donate it.

The lowest prize money is usually the Agricultural Shows and the best prize money is from events put on by Jumping Clubs. Often though the prestige of the event attracts showjumpers (we are not ALL money hungry buggers) and BARASTOC is definitely one of those events.

I am guessing here but I think the biggest class in the country is Hermes Showjumping held in Sydney in the big park in the centre of the City (be gentle it is 3.40am Monday - I have just finished my report and winding down before sleep overtakes me) - it is worth (from memory) $7,000 to win and is totally sponsored by Hermes.

If you want more info let me know and when I am awake I will try and make more sense.

Sad thing is I have to be up at 6am - why bother with bed!? Don't know - wondering the same thing - but going anyway!

Rambling now - will read all other posts tomorrow when my day finishes.

06-03-00, 09:35 PM
Prizemoney at ALBURY WODONGA this weekend was even better! The Open Intermediate paid $1200 for 1st, $800 for 2nd, $400 for 3rd, $200 for 4th, $75 5th, $75 for 6th.!!!!
Novice $600 for 1st.etc
Pre Novice $300 for 1st, etc
BUT this are not normal!!! no sir eee.
The majority are rosettes and prizes.
It boil down to a hard working committee, that get out and gain sponsership, and it pays of. It does help that most people that run a business in the local township gain from eventing, just ask them, When you consider the amount of people that flows into town for the weekend, camping, with not much in the way of cooking facilities etc. The pubs (counter meals), the ICE works, (always a hit with eventers) fuel, motels, take aways, etc , most towns LOVE a ODE (many ask how come a One Day Event goes for two day, and a two DE goes for 3 days!) Yerringberg which is held the same weekend are now struggling for entries, while every man and his dog head of to Albury for the prize money, it has become a huge event! (I wonder why)

07-03-00, 04:06 AM
Bill, St Gregs is no "minor" event. They run 500 horses and it is one of the largest events in NSW being very close to Sydney (the largest city in Australia). It often receives news coverage and we are even sometimes blessed with the presence of members of parliment etc etc.

In NSW, the advanced class at the better events often has $1000 to $1500 for first. My horse won Canberra last year and won $1500 and then ran third at Melbourne 3DE and got a gift voucher!!

07-03-00, 05:27 AM
Michelle - get back on your fleet of horses and off the internet. Shame on you. *chuckle*

Didn't think you'd waste time on this gossip-filled dreadfully naughty site, however, I can't talk and I'm getting paid to do other things so I better go.

Good answer to Bill S though, you should put your 'two-bobs worth' in more often.

MD told me that JD to going with you to Gunnedah - we'll have lots of fun. Bye!

Linda Balfour
07-03-00, 05:28 AM
The Tonimbuk Horse Trials, to be held at Tonimbuk Equestrian Park on the 18th & 19th March, will have $1,000 first prize for both the Open Intermediate AND the Novice class.
This event has been enthusiastically sponsored by Gillette and if it weren't for them then we (I have to confess my involvement here, I am on the committee) would not have been able to offer this type of prize money.
It has made an enormous difference to the entries we have received, as you can imagine.

Even though this type of prize money is unusual, Horse Trials do offer more money than most of the other disciplines. It is not unusual to get $100 plus a rug, probably worth another $100, when you win a Pre Novice class. I know we would generally be a little disappointed if we didn't cover entry and fuel expenses when winning any EFA class.

09-03-00, 04:30 AM
Don't forget that the entry fees generally start around $50-65 for intro level at ODE's, compared to around $8-$10 a test for dressage days.