View Full Version : Fingers crossed for Casper (and me)

25-03-10, 03:24 PM
I am about to go have a ride on Casper. Big deal.

It is because this will be a big test on whether he can tolerate grasses (please, please, please be ok).

With my crazy life of daughter's wedding recently then a month long trip away, bucket loads of rain I had to give in and let him out on grass as I couldn't keep his track grass free, life just got in the way too much so I admitted defeat.

For the last approx 2 months he has been on grass during the day and for past month 24 hours a day whilst we were away.

So I am praying that he is going to be ok and that the worst of the effects have been kept under control with his supplements.

For anyone who doesn't know Casper's history, here is his story so I don't have to repeat it and bore those that do know it.


Finger's crossed.

25-03-10, 03:32 PM
How'd you go GandG? Hope all went well for you and you had a great ride :)

25-03-10, 04:44 PM
Hope he went well! *crosses fingers, eyes, toes, arms, legs...*

25-03-10, 08:07 PM
He went really well. No biting but then again I didn't exactly push the envelope given the time off but what we did he did really nicely and listening. I came away with a smile on my face. I will start to do longer sessions with him and bring his fitness back up.

I am hopeful but cautious, if he starts to bite again he will be put back into confinement off grass.

25-03-10, 09:53 PM
That's so great that he handled it all! Well done :)

25-03-10, 10:39 PM
Been down the mycotoxin path GandG so know exactly where you are coming from.
Glad things are now going well for you.
Took me months to figure out what our TB's problem was. One minute a beautiful purpose bred saddlehorse. Next moment a raving lunatic. Thank god for Google and an enquiring mind!

Good old Paspalum :( But supposedly only dangerous when flowering as that is where the 'fungus' dwells - in the flower head. Oh and so does the Paspalum mite. The mite burrows into the skin and also helps drive the poor bloody horse ballistic. Can only be seen through a microscope. Could be why he was biting himself??? We used Malasab B? I think it was called? Certainly killed the mite.

So combine the mite and the myco????

Other horses on the property at the same time had the mite but it didn't seem to bother them too much. They were in a large shared paddock (about 5 horses) We couldn't figure out why TD's TB went nuts. After hitting on the Paspalum theory we realised that half his paddock was Paspalum. And he was in there on his own.

So danger time here on the Coast was from about September on. Keep an eye on those grasses!!! I know there are others just as dangerous.

Good luck! :)

25-03-10, 11:16 PM
Well done GG and Casper! Hope all continues to go well for you! :)

26-03-10, 08:24 AM
Excellent that you discovered the mycotoxin issue. I didn't know about the mite as well, interesting. Like anything some horses are affected, others are not. My old horse Jimmy was not bothered at all.

Also an effect of the mycotoxins is skin sensitivity, Casper hated being brushed or rugged and would dance away, loves being brushed now.

Other toxic grasses are rye, phalaris (Blue Canary grass), clover, cat's ear flat weed, couch, couch is VERY bad as it can become cynogenic at certain times.

Worst times are during the growing times of Autumn and Spring. the toxin lives in the base of the plant but during growing times travels up the plant, but in Paspalum it lives in the seed as you have said PIAS.

I will stop now before I start giving a science lesson.

26-03-10, 12:03 PM
Gng looks like Casper is trying to say sorry for worrying you in his own way.


26-03-10, 01:38 PM
That is cute, thanks for that.