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10-05-10, 07:39 PM
from another thread,
when l asked what is a breed?
how do you define it?

people hunted for answers, so l will put forward what is regarded in scientific circles as the most significant definition since it agrees with Mendelian principles;
quoted from Daphne Machin Goodall, 1977.

"M.Wilckens wrote; If conditions essential for life, under the influence of which a breed form occurred are consistent, then the type is fixed and there is continuity of inheritance. As soon as these essential conditions change so also will the form and performance of the breed change."

further from Goodall,

"---Wilckens says further, The durability or permanence of a breed is dependant only on certain conditions for life to which it is adapted: There is no such thing as absolute permanence of any form of breed

From her book, we see that nature has been prodigal in the evolution of EQUUS--nature has given mankind a substantial gift in the horse, which can scarcely be exaggerated.
Goodall again,"---For adaptability, endurance, speed, strength, collaboration, generosity, and kindness, the horse has proved to have been man's greatest ally throughout their journey together along the paths of history.


Tb Lover
10-05-10, 11:28 PM
Well.... Come on ---- You all had a go under the 'Waler Thread' --- I am interested to read your replies?

11-05-10, 12:59 PM
waiting for Occy,s theory,,see post in welcome to whaler breeder, which is way too short to get their point across,,,other than to tell us walers came from NSW, which seems to be only half true, as walers came from stations across the land but were only shipped from NSW.
if i read denaki,s post right,,,that says a breed or type is a horse that evolves from the land and conditions it lives in ?? is that correct ? in which case a waler is a breed or type that evolved from the harsh lands of outback station across australia.??
or am i all wrong here ?