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Charlie (Guest)
08-10-01, 04:44 AM
I am thinking about getting some mirrors put on my arena. I need to know:

1. How usefull are they (are they worth the money)
2. Positioning - I am thinking of getting a large one put down the long side and two smaller ones on the short side at the end of each long side.
3. Can anyone recommend a supplier in Queensland (Wynnum/Manly area)

Any info would be great, I don't care how trivial it is! Anything you can think of that would help would be fantastic.

08-10-01, 06:39 AM
hey..well i'm not in qld so i've got no idea where u can get hold of mirrors, but i have ridden in a mirrored arena and i found them to be highly helpful. they are great for the times you ride when your instructor isnt there to tell you what is right. its easy to see how your position looks, if the horse is doing well, the horses mood, lots of things...for example, try doing a shoulder in without mirrors...and without an instructor! its very helpful to see how your doing in the mirrors.
as for placement, i can suggest having the whole of both short sides mirrored, but i'm not quite sure about position on long side. perhaps u should experiment, i think when it comes down to long side, it is more a personal preferance. if i can be of any more help, please email me
:-) -courtney-

EK (Guest)
08-10-01, 06:48 AM
We are also looking at putting in mirrors. Where I have lessons, there is a mirror at C and another mirror at B. I think that's sufficient - maybe if you do a lot of lateral work down the long sides you might want one on the side of the short side. Off hand I can not remember what height the mirrors are from the ground but the posts are sunk into the ground a fair way, I think 3 feet.

The mirrors are 6' long x 3' tall. They were apparently reasonably expensive. You'll also need some sort of covers - a local metalworker can easily make you some hinged door covers that pin back. They definitely need to be backed onto some sort of wooden backing so that they don't buckle.

Dad and I are considering having our mirrors made of a couple of pieces as I think that having the mirrors smaller than the 6' x 3' wouldn't be very useful, and mirrors that big are expensive! Also someone suggested to me that I use highly polished plastic but I think it would buckle fairly easily.

I live in the same area as you so I'll ask who supplies mirrors.