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Am I dumb or what? (Guest)
12-10-01, 11:26 AM
Ok, so you buy 3 straws. What happens if your mare gets pregnant on the first straw? Are you allowed to impregnate another mare/mares with the remaining straw/straws? And if the semen is from Germany who issues the breeding certificate? And how do you get another one for another mare if the above scenario occurs? Please advise!!!!

KPF (Guest)
12-10-01, 11:54 AM
So why not ask the people you're buying the semen from??? If it is International Horse Breeders you couldn't ask for more helpful people.

Usually, if you have 3 inseminations, and you use all 3 on different mares and all are pregnant, then IHB will issue you service certificates for each mare.

If you want more for another mare, then you buy more.

Hope this helps

Janette (Guest)
13-10-01, 09:22 AM
Depends on the agreement you have with the supplier. IHB allow you to use all three inseminations. If you get 1, 2 or 3 mares pregnant, they will issue you with a Service Certificate. It is their own Certificate, which is accepted at various breed societies. One the same token if you dont get any mare pregnant with the three you will have to buy more.

Some suppliers only allow you to get one pregnancy with the three with the remaining being returned to them.

Other dealers let you buy per insemination.

There are also more around now that offer a positive preg test, where you will get some of the fee back if your mare does not go in foal.

Check with the supplier you are going to buy from and be sure to get it in writing what you are paying for!

you will also need to check with each supplier what service certificate they will provide, and you will need to check it is acceptable with the society you wish to register the horse with.

Anne (Guest)
13-10-01, 12:22 PM
I am not sure I agree with the above two posters - my understanding is that you nominate the mare you plan to use and buy the 'service' for that mare. If your mare goes into foal from the first straw, then thats it - you dont get any more straws. The three straws are for three tries, so to speak. If you fail the first time you get another straw and if you fail again, then you get a third and final one. So far as I know, if you fail three times, thats your bad luck. no more tries and no money back.
I think that it is the responsibility of the vet who does the insemination for you to ensure that only the nominated mare recieves the semen from the straw and it is up to him/her to request straws 2 and 3 if necessary.

KPF (Guest)
13-10-01, 01:36 PM
Depends on who's selling the semen, Anne. The only stallion I know of (but there could be more) whose semen is being handled in that way is Ferro. You can only get one pregnancy for your 4 or 5 thousand dollars.

International Horse Breeders simply sell you the semen. What you do with it is your business. Most times the semen you buy is sufficient for 3 cycles. So if Mare 1 gets in foal first pop, then Mare 2 may be used, and if she also gets in foal on one insemination, then Mare 3 is also inseminated.

IHB will give you a service certificate for any live foal provided the vet they sent the semen to in the first place provides an insemination certificate for every mare inseminated by that particular "receipt" of semen.

This is starting to sound complicated ... but it's not really ... :-) Hope I've helped.

Anne again (Guest)
13-10-01, 02:49 PM
You sound convincing KPF but I still have some doubts. I do know of a few breeders who use frozen semen and its strictly one fee for one service(3 straws) for one mare.

IHB have a web site http://www.ihb.com.au/index.htm but it doesnt go into the procedure with straws, service fees etc. I might contact them to confirm how they organise it all.

Normally when you send your mare to a live stallion you pay one service fee - $x, and if you dont succeed first time you get a return, and so on. I dont know how many times you can go back to the stallion if you dont get the mare pregnant, but you certainly dont get to send another mare to that stallion if you succeed first time. If you want to send another mare to that stallion you start again with another fee of $X.

I would have thought the same principle would apply if using frozen semen, with the first straw being equivalent to the first service and the remaining two straws equivalent to two returns.

You say IHB just sell the semen but I would have thought from a business point of view that they would want to ensure that one service fee = one foal. Two foals = two fees.

13-10-01, 04:23 PM
ONe of my friends is putting her mare in foal to one of the stallions that IHB is an agent for and im sure she pays for 3 straws but if her mare goes in foal the first time then the other 2 remaining straws are not allowed to be used and must be returned to IHB. I dont know if this is just for the stallion she has chosen or for all, sorry i couldnt be of more help


Jan Heine
14-10-01, 01:10 AM
I stand 3 stallions and we provide an initial 3 doses - if your mare goes in on first dose that is your good fortune and you may then use the remaining semen as oyu choose - the only thing you are NOT permitted to do is on sell the remaining semen - a service certificate will be issued for each mare owned by the purchaser of the original service - we will also (within reason) continue to provide semen to achieve a pregnancy.You are buying a "product" and as such the three provided doses belong to you in my humble opinion. My stallions stand by frozen semen only and many people have achieved more than one preganancy per service and that is their good fortune - we do not offer a live foal guarantee because it is my belief that the stallions job is to get the mare pregnant - it is the mares job to carry it full term and produce a live foal!
This is not an advertisement it is simply to point out that stallion owners all do things slightly or greatly differently so my advice is to ask the people providing the semen for the stallion you want!

KPF (Guest)
14-10-01, 06:23 AM
I'm not trying to convince you of anything, Anne. Just telling you of my personal experiences with IHB. You are under no obligation to believe me.

I did say in my first post on this thread, and Jan has reiterated, ask the people you intend buying the semen from.

If you do intend using frozen semen, make sure you use a specialist vet, and take his advice. As you can see, you will only get conflicting points of view if you ask on this forum.

Anne (Guest)
14-10-01, 01:31 PM
Sorry KPF - didn't mean to offend. Thanks Jan for your input as well. Ive been doing some net searching and it seems that there are many types of contract and it all depends on the stallion owner how its arranged.
The one that we enquired about operated on the system I mentioned and I must admit when I thought of doing it I was put off the idea because I was afraid that if we failed after the third try, we would have done our dough! It's quite a complicated procudure apparently requiring careful monitoring by the vet and timing is crucial. All of which is an added expense to be added to the delivery costs of the semen etc, etc.
t would all be worth it of course it if it worked, but it adds up to a lot to lose if you fail and I'm a bit reluctant to commit myself.
I think after reading your post I am going to enquire about different stallions and see if I can arrange a contract a bit more like the one Jan offers - or talk to the owner of the stallion I wanted originally and see if they will at least provide semen if we fail after the first three.
We have succeeded before with AI - maybe we will be able to give this a go too.