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Walter (Guest)
13-10-01, 09:05 AM
Due to Let's Pull Together and all the very positive feedback, Hackie and I have decided to try and do something in the realm of a form that can be printed off voicing our concerns regarding showing today. We are envisaging that there will be a spot down the bottom for your name, address and signature which can then be copied and sent to as many bodies such as the EFA Saddlehorse, Royal Agricultural Societies etc etc etc. We would also hope that you could photocopy as many forms as possible which you could distribute to like minded friends, relatives etc. This is just one way we can think to help our cause, surely if the relevant authorities are bombarded with enough people saying they want change, hopefully, something can be done, they cannot ignore us all.

In the meantime, voice any concerns you would like to see on the form to me at walterw@start.com.au.
Let's ALL make a difference.

13-10-01, 02:26 PM
Sounds like a bloody good idea to me......

dally (Guest)
14-10-01, 11:22 AM
Well done Walter and Hackie!!! Count me in if you need any help.

You can e-mail me at rizbiz@bigpond.com.au

Cheers - dally.

well (Guest)
14-10-01, 12:12 PM
Let's hope you word your missive with more tact than your post. "Change for the better for Honest Showies". Indeed. I consider myself to be honest and have lost friends because I judge things as I see it. I am offended by your disctinction. How to lose a supporter in one easy lesson.

Anne (Guest)
14-10-01, 01:39 PM
Hey "Well" I think you need a lesson in reading- if you are as honest as you say- you are one of the honest showies Walter and Showie are trying to promote. How dare you take offense to being called "honest showie"? If you read Walter and Showies proposal they are trying to get the showing community to unite to promote fair trade practices (this covers exhibitors and Judges) with in the Agricultural Shoows, and about time too. If you are indeed a Judge you should be well aware that the Showing fraternity are well in need of a shake up. Politics are ruining the "sport" of showing and like corruption in the Police force it needs to be dealt with. There are honest people out there showing on a serious basis, producing their horses professionaly and still being the victim of politics. The "you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours" is very much the norm in the majority of shows. Anyone who denies this cannot show on a regular basis, or else needs their eyes tested! The object of Walters and Hackies petition is to see that something constructive is done to halt the corruption before it destroys our sport. They deserve our full support and credit for trying to do something constructive where most people are simply sitting back and whinging. Walter and Hackie have my heartfelt thanks and support- keep us posted as to what we can do to help!

well (Guest)
14-10-01, 03:11 PM
Haven't you got worked up? My reading and cognotive skills are just fine, thank you for asking. How dare I take offence? Because it offends me; that is how. BTW I use the UK English dictionary so prefer a 'c' in offence. Why polarise any support that you might get from exhibitors by qualifying support for the idea? Why make people who may be nervous about standing up to be counted branded as dishonest because they do not sign? Honest people sign. Dishonest people don't. That is the way it reads. Not everybody is brave when it comes to signing their names to things. That is their choice and they should not be castigated for it. Gettting rather carried away when you compare this to Police corruption aren't you? I suiggest that you take a bit of a break if the show world has become that important to you. Radical views, words and deeds will kill off your cause before it even gets off the ground because you will be seen as bunch of rednecks. Softly, softly catches monkey. Screaming at them sends them back out of sight in to the trees. If you can't see that then you are the wrong person for pushing any change.

Lets pull together (Guest)
16-10-01, 01:13 AM
Sorry to well, we're not about offending anyone, we just want our sport to evolve in a more positive way. I think anyone who is involved in showing on a constant basis can read between the lines enough at each major event, and that is a shame. This whole post started because there are so many unhappy competitors out there at the moment. I believe that the regulating bodies are overworked and certainly mostly not paid (!) and will welcome some positive suggestions if they are put forward in a constructive and well supported (by the showing fraternity)way.
So, please read thought the posts again and look at all the positives there and please put forward some of yours as well, as a judge we need your feedback more than anything......Thanks in anticipation......

Walter (Guest)
16-10-01, 08:12 AM
Really disappointing to read "Well's" post, what on earth is there to be so easily offended by? "Well" I am a judge myself, and have judged from gymmie, to Horse of the Year Level, we are also asking for a fair go for the honest judges, like you and me. If you have read the previous threads, you will see that I also wish for competitors to be accountable for their behaviour towards us honest judges too as well as behaviour towards us as competitors by DISHONEST judges, you know the type that are in it to do favours for favours? I also want repeat offenders of appalling behaviour to judges, competitors and spectators to receive more serious punishment than a slap on the hand and a giggled warning to "behave in future"

well (Guest)
16-10-01, 01:24 PM

What a difference 12 hours makes. Just had a chance to read Let's Pull Together before I dashed out the door this morning and thought - gee- he/she understands what I meant. I have thought it over today and thought of a few things, as much as my limited thought process allows, that I could add. Maybe I was even a bit eager to throw in my thoughts. Now I see that I am a disappointment. My most humble apologies. Good luck in your cause.

Pretty Polly (Guest)
17-10-01, 05:40 AM
Walter what a great idea although I can understand why some people probably wont feel like putting their name to paper. Judging can be so ACCOMMODATING and Australia is so small. Give the hack judge a microphone and make them accountable.

17-10-01, 05:58 AM
Here Here
There is that Microphone suggestion again!!!!
I agree let them be accountable for their choices.
It works for the Cow Folk why can't it work for us?????

Lets pull together (Guest)
17-10-01, 08:15 AM
Polly, anything that we submit as a final draft won't be pointing fingers at anyone, just a set of proposed guide lines for consideration.......I can understand some hesitation from you and others but we're entitled (as competitors) to forward suggestions and would love you to be involved in some way......thanks

Want to help (Guest)
18-10-01, 12:30 AM
Can I put forward one idea? - Could the EFA on a national basis pool their A list judges and make it policy that all attempts will be made to enlist interstate judges for special events like Rider of the year, Horse of the year etc etc...........Perhaps travel expenses could be shared within the states???

Walter (Guest)
18-10-01, 01:28 AM
Thanks everyone, there are some really good ideas coming through, can I ask you though to email them to me at walterw@start.com.au in point form preferably, so that I can add them to the growing list.

The overwhelming support of you all is just wonderful! Thank you

Owner/Rider (Guest)
18-10-01, 09:23 AM
My suggestion is to include owner rider classes (and champs) at royals too, they are a great inovation which would be well supported and appreciated......Then with more support they would have a greater chance of being introduced on a national level...GO FOR IT!!!!!!!!

dally (Guest)
18-10-01, 11:40 AM
This is a great idea and I totally support it. Well done!

Cheers - dally.