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Jan Heine
22-10-01, 07:37 AM
There appears to be a strange phenomonem in the horse world - people love to gossip without being in full possession of the facts! Anyone else noticed this? *grin*

My redheaded chestnut, Celtic Gold has not been seen a great deal of in recent times on the jumping arenas and I have heard that he has been put down through navicular, that he has ringbone, side bone and any other number of bones so I thought the time had come to give people THE FACTS - whatever else you hear (be it from your best friend who knows me really well or my groom or my daughters puppy) these are the true facts about Celtic Gold.

Celtic Gold has done his extensor tendon - he has NOT stripped it from the bone but has merely strained it and now requires 6 months off - for those who were at Mount Gambier you would have seen him being ridden around by my groom - he is far from dead and is certainly not lame - for those interested the reason his jumping has been less than his usual clean rounds - the extensor tendon gives the flexion and movement from coronet band to fetlock and due to the nature of the injury he finds it painful to stretch through there hence jumping an oxer causes pain.

This injury is apparently most commonly seen in showjumping horses and can be caused through jumping out of thick deep ground and so we suspect that the injury was actually sustained at Adelaide Royal last year and it is only through the exceptional diagnostic skills of Graeme Walker that we have finally found what has been causing his problems because his xrays show totally clean legs with no changes which is excellent news for me with my breeding program as Celtic Gold is a 9yo A Grade showjumper and his legs are showing no sign of wear and tear which is unusual for a horse which has jumped through to A Grade.

So hopefully people can now stop wasting their gossip time with nonsense about my redheaded lad and start gossiping about something else *grin*.

me and me (Guest)
22-10-01, 07:51 AM
well said jan. some people really need to get a life.

Jan Heine
22-10-01, 09:25 AM
Me and Me I hope my tone is not misread here - I am not cranky or cross - simply that I have had a few phone calls from people offering commiserations on my lad being put down and so on and then I believe there was some discussion at Geelong this weekend regarding Celtic Gold - the only way people are going to know the truth is if they hear it from the people directly involved and as such Harley, myself and the Vet are the three who actually KNOW the facts and so I am passing the FACTS on - I am actually very touched at how many people have been asking after him as he is my "special faced horse" - being a PURE bred Irish Draught it is really exceptional that he got to A Grade and jumped 1.45m tracks and I have no doubt that next season you will see him back in full force and at the top again - where he belongs - remember he is only 9 years old!
So to those who have rung and emailed - thankyou - and Celtic Gold is sound and healthy and happy and still being worked daily - just no jumping for 6 months!We are thinking he might have a career for 6 months in the heavyweight hack classes *grin* - any volunteers - Harley simply refuses *grin and giggle*
PS: I am kidding so please hack riders - no emails or phone calls!

Judith NZ (Guest)
22-10-01, 11:40 AM
Jan I am glad to hear that Billy is doing well and I am sure he will be back on form in no time.
How distressing it must be to have people phg with commiserations on your horse being put down.

As me and me says Some people really need to get a life.!! is there nothing better to do than to spread silly fictious stories.:-(

Berni (Guest)
22-10-01, 12:55 PM
Jan - people who compete - like myself, will understand just how you feel to have struck a problem ... the pain is worse than if it were YOUR leg!

You are a person who puts a great deal into the sport of showjumping, and all of the many people who enjoy your wonderful reports will be feeling for you ... and Celtic Gold.

We are so pleased to learn that he will be back after a short break. Australia needs more people with your vision and commitment to bring proven international bloodlines into the country - this is the only way we can be assured of producing horses with the talent to be part of the success of our future Olympians.

Keep smiling XXX

Fran C (Guest)
22-10-01, 10:41 PM
He'll be fine Jan, we had one who severed it, and now, 15 years later, apart from the scar you'd never know.. don't oyu just love the Bad News Bears... :-D

Aunty Ma (Guest)
23-10-01, 12:19 AM
The amazing thing is that horse people gossip about others whether they are high achievers or a local competitor. Jan, what you have done is a credit to you ....... ignore the gossip, state the true facts and get on with life which I am sure you will continue to do.

A spell from jumping will do wonders to Celtic Gold, not only from the injury but his jumping 'mind'.

dally (Guest)
23-10-01, 12:35 AM
Well said, Jan. It is easy for facts to become distorted along the grapevine.

Hope your boy recovers soon - give him a kiss & a carrot from me!

love dally xx

23-10-01, 02:09 AM
Jan, I was just wondering this morning why we hadn't heard much from your 'boy's' exploits of late...now I know!
I hope he recovers well, I am sure his 'holiday' will do him the world of good and he'll come back better than before.
Give him some guinness!

elvis (Guest)
23-10-01, 03:36 AM
hey jan , i'm dead and people still don't leave me alone! :D

Nurse Betty (Guest)
23-10-01, 04:06 AM
Celtic Gold get better soon!

Can't wait to see you jumping like your old self again! You're a true star!!!

Shahron (Guest)
23-10-01, 05:33 AM
Very sad news - hadn't heard a thing.
Hope he makes a speedy recovery.

Andie (Guest)
23-10-01, 08:36 AM
Hey Jan,Ollie went to Lancefield Ag on the weekend and came second in both of his led classes!!!!!Not bad for a little ferral paddock pony eh!!!!!Melissa and her Mum just dote over him and their hard work and his intelligence have paid off.Just thought I would give you a giggle,I know you wanted him to do well and he has.

Jan Heine
23-10-01, 08:40 AM
Thanks guys for all your nice words - my redhead is a very tough fellow and I have no doubt that he will make a full recovery - he is as sound as a bell and full of yippee beans and still in full work - just no jumping for 6 months.
And who knows just what he might do in those 6 months- you never can tell *grin*.
The purpose of the post was just to ensure that the facts were there to stop the mindless and mis-informed from talking garbage - the interesting thing is that nobody has posted about a horse with this same problem other than Fran - and my question to Fran is- what was the horses job which severed the extensor and was he able to go back to that job after the injury?
I also suspect that a severed one might actually be easier to repair than perhaps a stretched one - but interested to hear more on the subject from anyone who knows anything about this particular tendon.
So thanks again for all your kind words- as those who know me know - all my horses are special to me and the redhead just happens to be my special face for a whole lot of reasons - but mainly cos we have been to hell and back together and that makes us lifetime partners *grin*.

Nurse Betty (Guest)
24-10-01, 05:54 AM
Jan - I hope you're giving my favorite horse kisses and cuddles!!! If it's possible, could you give him a hug from me?? Thanks!