View Full Version : Motion Of No Confidence In Racing NSW

13-07-10, 10:40 PM
A meeting of trainers in Sydney last night overwhelmingly supported a motion of no confidence in Racing NSW.

The trainers' frustration with the ruling body stemmed from a number of causes :-

<ul>Concern about the Benchmark handicapping system
Racing NSW's continued inability to program suitable races in suitable locations for many of theRead more... (http://formguide.cyberhorse.com.au/index.php/2010071344495/New-South-Wales/motion-of-no-confidence-in-racing-nsw.html)

More... (http://formguide.cyberhorse.com.au/index.php/2010071344495/New-South-Wales/motion-of-no-confidence-in-racing-nsw.html)