View Full Version : What is a good cool feed for and exciteable energetic horse

Lauren Bradford (lozza)
06-03-00, 12:57 PM
went to P.C today horse was full of beans and exciteble on cross country (he's a tockhorse so is full of energy)so me and my instructor decided to switch from coprice to a cool feed maybe mitavite munga or something like that
any ideas

06-03-00, 01:10 PM
Try Economix,Munga will give him more energy

black beauty
06-03-00, 02:23 PM
Mitavite breeda is excellent for geldings and is a cool feed, I feed it to my gelding, I was also feeding it to a thoroughbred who still stayed calm
Also horsepower pellets are an excellent cool feed that contains no grain, but I personally found breeda was better for holding condition etc.Go to the mitavite feed website and fill in the nutrition form they will answer all your questions.

06-03-00, 02:37 PM
Winergy is about to release a whole range of fantastic new cool feeds. Keep an eye out!

06-03-00, 04:19 PM

Jan Heine
06-03-00, 08:14 PM
My suggestion (we have a 15 1/2 hh very buzzy hot thoroughbred who jump sgrand prix) is Equus Cool Stamina pellets - excellent source of energy with no heating up at all!

07-03-00, 03:23 AM
My horse is almost uncontrollable on any sort of "heating diet". I have had great success with Hygain's Ice. They have the cool energy they need, and keeps the condition on them nicely, and won't heat them up.

07-03-00, 03:42 AM
Could you please tell me Mitavites web site address?

Thanks very much

black beauty
07-03-00, 03:50 AM
Shannon, Mitavite's web address is: www.cyberhorse.net.au/mitavite ( you can actually access it via this site too through products/services ) or phone 1800 025 487 there is a nutrition advice form you fill out on there web page, then they will contact you and give you all the help you need ,their very good and very helpful.

09-03-00, 11:08 AM
Have you tried copra meal ?