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07-03-00, 01:24 AM
For those of you who were too busy riding or competing at the weekend to read the article in Australian Fin Review on the monitoring of staff use of the web during business hours, using business resources, I thought I would bring it to your attention.

One in five Australian Corporates has now implemented monitoring tools to determine how staff are using corporate web resources during business hours. The concern is not the staff using the infrastructure for their own use but the lost productivity. The major use by far (55%) was viewing forums! Surprise, surprise.

This morning I did a random check across the Cyberhorse forum at e-mail addresses on past postings. The vast majority showed corporate e-mails on postings that were time stamped during business hours.

Be sensible! Without a good salary and good job prospsects within our organisations we stand to lose all of that lovely money that pays for our expensive four legged friends.

The article can be viewed at www.afr.com.au
There have been similar articles over the past couple of weeks. Read them, understand them and it might pay to familiarise yourself with the HR policy on productivity and use of company resources again.

I love having a good read of the Cyberhorse Forum which I will be continuing to do - outside business hours.

07-03-00, 02:06 AM
All of the bigger companies have an electronic communications policy. At work we only have acsess to an intranet but I never even have the time to look at that.
We do have acsess to email which is constantly in use because of the type of work that I do. I just don't give out my work address at all. We have recently had two really good people dismissed on the spot for email abuse.
All of these big companies (and a lot of the smaller ones) are on servers. They have mail and internet monitors and they know exactly what is in your mail and where you have been on the net. The 2 that were sacked had mail retrieved from up to 2 years ago as proof that there had been continuing abuse. A very sobering thought for those that want to send things that may cause offence. If your mum would not like it, don't send it. It may be someone in your mums' age group who decides what is good and what is bad.
What is one cause of the problem, apart from the loss of procuctivity, are the virus's found. 2000 by our server last month. The address is also from the corporate office. You have no control on where your mail will end up. Think of some of the mails that you have received that have a mega list of forwards at the start. Sobering thought.

07-03-00, 05:08 PM
I know that Centrelink at the moment has/is investigating emails and I know of one person who has been sacked over this and I also know of at least six other people who are part of an on going investigation into the misuse of email. About 20 others in one office have had formal counselling and now have a report on their personal files. So I'd say to anyone using work computers for ANYTHING other than work is risking their jobs. Be very very careful

08-03-00, 04:27 AM
OK I use my work computer for surfing the net and for receiving and sending emails BUT I am allowed to.

I work at a grain agents, so when harvest is over there is literally nothing much to do. He told me to get the internet installed to "give me something to do" (his words exactly).

He trusts me to use my own judgement as to how much I use it. So I make sure that EVERYTHING is done before I play. In the wrong hands this agreement could go very wrong (ie my work mate!)

I would not be game if he said that I couldn't use it, plus the guilt would consume me.