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Twig (Guest)
16-11-01, 02:58 AM
I live on the Mornington Peninsula and require quality second hand riding gear for my 4 year old daughter and her pony.
Any suggestions?

16-11-01, 03:27 AM
I'm sure you've read our directive that no advertising (for sale or wanted) is permitted on our forums. We suggest that you place a wanted ad in The Virtual Saleyard.

Twig (Guest)
16-11-01, 04:42 AM
I appologize if I offended you. I was simply after some suggestions of web sites such as Purely Ponies but closer to where I live!

Maggie (Guest)
16-11-01, 05:48 AM
Hello, Twig,
I can sympathise with you! I have been looking for the same gear for a while now, and have advertised with only some success. Most of the gear available starts at size 6, and we need to resist the temptation to settle for that and have the child look ridiculous. The most success I have had is through word of mouth.

16-11-01, 05:52 AM
Our stance on advertising extends to using our forums to promote other sites. While it is a great reflection on the popularity of Cyberhorse that people seem to want to keep on trying, we are in business to promote Cyberhorse and our advertisers, not every other web site that wants to be as popular. No one ever gave us a break when we started out and we don't work 16 hours a day so others can have a free ride at our expense.

Michelle (Guest)
16-11-01, 10:58 AM
Twigg you can E-Mail me at jedoconnor@froggy.com.au

teresa (Guest)
16-11-01, 03:42 PM
please email me on hollyoak@datafast.net.au