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Kate H
18-11-01, 01:36 PM
Hi Pallylee
We are up to #78, remember, we have to get to 100 by Christmas according to Buckskinremi.
So WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU TODAY. I was ther taking photos and running from Rings 2 & 3, and you didn't come up and say Hello. Pookiesgirl was there as well........Boo Hoo, we feel neglected.......
Are you going tomorrow? I will be there, so come and say HELLO.
Hope everyone enjoys the Camelot, Baskhan and Maxwell events.

SNH (Guest)
18-11-01, 01:52 PM
I wonder if the Canadian judge is wondering where the crowd is? The American shows are packed to the rafters, so it must seem a little strange? The liberty classes were lots of fun, especially when you sit near a judge! What we needed was JB there as well though. But a naice showie did win. And Pookiesgirl, sorry when I first walked past, it was one of those instances where I didn't recognise you without the riding clothes and horse!

18-11-01, 02:11 PM
Hi all
Hope everyone that went to the Arab thingy had a good time?
So glad to here that all of the Naice showies were in the bows.
I have been very quiet this past week, I have been doing night shifts, but this week I am feeling every single one of those shifts, it must be the age creeping up on me! I have been coming home in the mornings, getting kids off to scholl and work then straight into bed, I am buggered.
Not going to Bulli in morning for the reason stated above, although Passion is coming out of retirement and going with the little girl who shows Monnie. She is still in paddock nick but I think she will be Ok.

Well must be off have another shift.

Jo (Abbyjo) (Guest)
20-11-01, 02:58 AM
Morning all, I hope everyone didn't get blown away yesterday. Boy am I glad I wasn't riding yesterday what weird weather we are having.
Anyway congrats goes to a certain naice showie who won the liberty event on Friday evening and did quiet well in the ridden events as well.
Also I heard JB got champion ridden (Yeah), anybody know the led derivative results??

pookiesgirl (Guest)
20-11-01, 05:25 AM
what's this rumour I hear about the roof blowing off during Supreme Ridden?

Miss Kate (Guest)
20-11-01, 05:36 AM
Well, JB also won the Partbred led as well as the ridden and won the Kahlua sash. So did Cathy Padgen's mare Casurina Empress who is an Anglo.
Yes Heather, the roof did cave in to a certain extent. And there was a runaway two horse float and the digital camera man's Sombrero was seen disappearing at a fast trot away from the indoor.
Quite scarey for a while, but the horses all coped fairly well and Ashbrook Imperial took out the Supreme Ridden. By the way, he was also champion led senior Arabian gelding and champion Senior ridden Arabian Gelding. A feat not done so before, but no special ribbon for him. BOO HOO.

Jaimie (Guest)
20-11-01, 05:46 AM

congrats to everyone over the weekend.

Arabian riding pony champion went to Considerations of Rathowen and Reserve went to Fernleigh Fineprint.

jackie - sorry i didnt make it out on Saturday(well not until after you had left) got caught at the florist.

How is little sensation?? I havnt heard anything so I am hoping its a no news means good news thing.

pallylee (Guest)
20-11-01, 05:59 AM
ok ok so I'm here now...I didn't make it I decided beauty sleep was far more important at this stage seeing I turned 30 on Sat - scarey huh - I know what you mean BSR! Had a full weekend of stock horses, friends, food and more stock horses to help celebrate. I would have loved to have gone for a sticky at the liberty on Friday night - who won? Congrats to JB. Kate H are you doing photos at the Cumberland ASH on Sunday at Castle Hill if so I'll see you there! Got well and truly blown away yesterday - trying to rug Reggie in 100klm plus winds while holding onto the fence and him so I didnt get blown away, with the rug billowing like a balloon, the roof about to blow off the greenhouse, plastic from the garden ambushing us at every turn LOL lots of big branches down - no power and a shed door blown off its hinges but no injuries... is everyone else in one piece?

20-11-01, 06:30 AM
Hi Everyone,

What a weird weekend!

Bouncy did not bounce (you would have been pround of him Jaimie) and did some quite nice work and won a second and two thirds. Yippee..... (In fact, lots of people commented on how much he has settled...so who knows...maybe this is the start of something!)

Some storm damage at Woodville...trees falling and destroying fences....Lilly had a huge one land on her which pushed her through the fence....lots of bruising and one long cut (not deep)...so we are still on track for Riding Pony Show.

Little Sensation now has pneumonia but he is reacting to all the drugs and will be coming home tomorrow.....knowing my luck lately he will now turn grey!

No power, no water, no nothing at our place........JohnBoy...SwanRidge....do you know if Pitt Town is restored yet?????

pallylee (Guest)
20-11-01, 06:51 AM
ps Jacki sorry to hear about you bubs is he doing ok now? Also a suggestion for you re Embrace. I almost put Reggie down last November due to a kicked /injured hock with a swelling the size of a mango on the inside...did the usual xrayed/bute/rest/ice/gentle excercise etc and nothing worked by late Feb was ready to pull the plug on the Syd Royal, decided to use Downrite Paste (the black one - not the cream) on his hock and 4weeks later enter Sydney with no swelling! Have also seen it completely flatten a big knee on an 8yo TB that had it for a few years and is also great for sore tendons etc. Bluegrass here in Camden stock it if you are interested let me know.

Miss Kate (Guest)
20-11-01, 06:54 AM
Will be at Riding Pony Show on Saturday and County of Cumberland on Sunday.
I had the roof blow off one of the stables and attack Mum's roof, then travel on and take out the TV antenna. Thank goodness for the big old ironbark tree that stopped its progress as the next port of call was the yard with Candy and Sindy in it.
Got a patch put on roof this morning and full repairs should be done on Saturday morning. All things considered, we were luckier than some.

20-11-01, 07:05 AM

Am VERY interested. Email me on maplej@cba.com.au

thanks heaps

20-11-01, 07:20 AM
Well I'm back...been travelling around the countryside, getting blown away, worked flatout all weekend. Have only just been able to get on the net due to something to do with blackouts and servers blah blah

I am so pleased everyone did so well...I was lucky enough to see the wonderful trophy Willie won on Thursday night...I think 9.5 would have done cartwheels if you'd asked him to!

It may be a bit blowy and wet for XPT to exercise tonight, plus I may be a bit bogged down in work...bugger!

Taamir (Guest)
20-11-01, 07:52 AM
Wow what a weekend....
3 days of showing (I love my horse, he is so special and so well behaved - ribons in every class) then judging all day at St Ives. We got rain, wind, thunder, lightening and sun - the poor horses didn't know what was going on. I did close to 600kms in 72 hours driving to and from Horsley Park - the old car is really chugging now.

Anyway the National Stud show was great - we enjoyed the liberty but sorry not to see the ridden on Sat.

I personally was a bit disappointed in the way the Canadian judge didn't really watch the horses move for very long. He seemed to sum them up in a few strides, but I suppose he used to judging big classes and wanted to keep the program moving along.

I now can't see out my window for the rain - yuck!
Marcia & Taamir

20-11-01, 08:17 AM
LAST EDITED ON Nov-19-01 AT 03:27PM (AEST)[p]So the Nationals have come and gone for another year and I still didn't get to meet you Marcia or find the elusive Walter (although I was told Walter is actually female so I was way off track).
Marcia, you're not alone - plenty of people were complaining about the Canadian judge - all that money to enter and lucky if he watched you for two strides before he turned his back. And no not sour grapes just an observation :-) :-)
A huge congrats to JB and all the other Naice showies on their wins and a big hug for my boy who won his intermediate class.
Good luck to all the naice showies for canberra.
I guess the next Sydney one is the East Coast where I can play "where's Waldo" or should that be where's walter again.

20-11-01, 08:51 AM
Poor jp....forgot to add earlier that I asked you if you were "Walter"!!!

pallylee (Guest)
20-11-01, 09:46 AM
Jacki, sent you an email on Downrite.. off home now..yippee.. chat to you tomorrow if you need to know anything else.


Walter (Guest)
20-11-01, 09:58 AM

what a shame you didnt meet Marcia and Taamir, I was at the Nationals and I caught up with Marcia and her lovely boy, although my "child" doesnt like other horses or he could have said hello to Taamir too. We had a great time receiving two fourths in his classes, I felt he could have placed a tad higher (no sour grapes here) but it was the judge's opinion on the day, and anyway I love my horse to pieces and I always make him feel wonderful win or lose there are always carrots galore and hugs and kisses!!! Does anyone know if the photographer that was there will send out photos to competitors??? Thanks. No not going to East Coasts as my sore point at the moment is the fact that Arabian Shows are beginning to be horrendously expensive and becoming shows only for the wealthy, I cannot justify $55 per class...however, not bitching, just being honest!

20-11-01, 10:52 AM
hi Walter, - ah ha !- I think I know who you are. Did you place 4th in the intermediate PB Gelding? if yes then I was discussing the class with the gentleman you were with (remind him we were discussing conformation, paces and most important manners!!) All very cryptic isn't it.
Glad you had a good day, sorry I didn't get to say hi. As far as photos go they said they kept them for thirty days before deleting them but you might have to know which photo you want - they had them all on display- try them anyway Instant Photos Australia 029816 2848
Agree with you over the price of entries. I shudder to think what some of the studs pay in entry and stabling fees. God it's bad enough with one horse let along half a dozen.

Emma Rudder
21-11-01, 02:00 AM
Morning all

Camp Rudder still has no power/water etc but everything else is starting to be fixed slowly!!!

Well done to everyone for their wins this weekend at the Nationals. Just email me your results and I'll add them to the site today - also have some photos as well. Speaking of photos - we have a camera again - yippie!!!!! So plenty of photos will be taken at CBR this weekend - JB & BSR look out!!!


I've read many comments about the judges from the Nats especially the Canadian judge - sorry guys but I can't really complain here - with getting Champion etc. But I did see that he didn't take long to judge the classes, he judged Willie in about 10 seconds for Champion! Anyhow - I know I might have said differently had the result not gone my way - that's showing isn't it!!!! After getting a Champ, 2 1sts and 4ths - who knows - will probably go to CBR and get nothing!! But at least we are all having fun................yes........no!!!!!!

Will see most of you this weekend.

Walter (Guest)
21-11-01, 02:39 AM

Yup, thats me, now you must own the delectable Night Cat?? I thoroughly agreed that he was the definite winner of the Intermediate, stunning horse, beautiful work! The ladies class was the one I was a little disappointed in, but again, just my opinion and the top two worked beautifully. However.....

Thank you so much for the photographers number, I have rung them and they will choose some for me, I really appreciate your help with this one.

I suppose the big studs would be able to claim on tax their entries, however exhorbitant. SOrry I didnt say hello, its just that I wanted to keep my fellow moving and warm, get him back to the float and have a drink.

21-11-01, 03:11 AM
hi Walter, yes that's my baby - thanks for the nice comment. Glad I could help with the photos.
Emma - a big congrats on your wins. And yes, we are having fun. Go naice showies - slay them in Canberra :-) :-)