View Full Version : EFA National horse of the year

Justine (Guest)
08-12-01, 10:12 AM
Congrats to the Victorian Branch on a wonderful event! and also to those who supply the "main event" tent after the show! I am sure everyone had a great time! ERTE had a well deserved win after a polished performance, I have heard reports that Roy has forgotten workouts in the past! Lost Lady's performance was beautiful and polished but I would take home the Lindeman's Skilwood Slipstream any day and those who were sitting around me during the event all believed so despite spooking at the doors, was ridden almost to perfection and in our eyes should have won considering he is still only just 5 years old, I think we will be seeing him at many more nationals to come. the lindemans always turn their horses out so beautifully a big congrats to the Lindeman and Richards families.
Charlotte Mitton Grey pony worked a very poished work out and well deserved. Royal Minette of Beckworth is such a beautiful pony although have seen her work better, but given the noisy conditions and the curtain fabrics covering the doors and the outside of the arena, all deserve a congrats!
I hope everyone feels the same!

wondering (Guest)
08-12-01, 01:39 PM
Who are you Justine?