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17-01-11, 12:48 PM
Hello everyone.
Just another way to support. If you dont know either of these rescue groups, Save Our Strays featured on TV show The Secret Millionaire. (which might jog memories) Their aim is to get manufacturers on board and obtain goods at reasonable prices to send. Their desire is to assist all species affected - including horses.
I have friends based in Walloon so have been assisting with contacts on the ground. Already going through QHC and Ipswich Animal Control, however if anyone knows of any person who might fall through the cracks - please PM me and I can pass their details on. Alternatively contact Michelle or Tracy directly using details below.
If you would like to financially or otherwise assist, please use the contact details below.
Many thanks.

Dear Friends and Supporters

Re: ANIMAL FLOOD VICTIMS –EMERGENCY APPEAL – Your help is urgently needed.

SPRA is working in conjunction with Save Our Strays, to co-ordinate an emergency appeal to support animal victims of the Queensland floods, and animals in other critical flood areas including NSW, Victoria and surrounding areas. We will be raising funds to help pets, farm animals and wildlife. We are focussing our fundraising efforts on those animals, and their rescuers and carers who do not have adequate support from other sources. We are raising funds to support the 3 organisations listed below, but depending on the amount of money and goods we can raise, we hope to be able to extend our support to other animal rescue organisations and needy individuals in as many areas as possible.

1. Best Friends Rescue – located in Brisbane, this group is working hard to provide shelter and care for domestic pets who have nowhere else to go. Anticipated to be helping hundreds of homeless pets.

Wish List:
Good quality tinned and pouched, wet and dry adult cat food
Good quality tinned and pouched, wet and dry kitten food
Good quality tinned and pouched, wet and dry adult dog food
Good quality tinned and pouched, wet and dry puppy food
Large and small stainless steel food bowls for cats and dogs
Flea and wormer for cats & dogs - i.e. Top spot products – Revolution, Advocate, Frontline spray,
Capstar tablets for fast knockdown of adult fleas – available from vet clinics and pet suppliers
Cat and dog shampoos
Stainless steel food and water bowls
Cat carriers - large and medium
Dog carry crates – large and medium
Cash for the purchase of supplies

Other to be advised

2. Queensland Horse Council - located in the Ipswich area, this group has set up a lost and dead horse register and feed centres in Brisbane, Ipswich and surrounding areas, to provide and distribute food and shelter to horses who have nowhere else to go. Estimated to be helping 100s of homeless horses and their desperate owners. They urgently need 5000 bales of horse quality hay, and complete feed which will generally need to be sourced from other states as there is no hay and very little feed in Qld.

Wish List: - Numbers to be advised
Horse quality hay ie Oaten, Lucerne, grass (not straw) – estimate at least 5000 bales needed
Complete foods – ie to be advised
Grooming gear ie brushes, hoof picks, curry combs, horse shampoo
First aid supplies
Waterproof rugs – number and sizes to be advised
Fly veils
Web and rope halters
Feed bins
Plastic and stainless steel buckets for water
First aid supplies especially cotton wool padding, bandages, Vet Wrap

Other to be advised

NB: QHC does not want cash but we needs LOTS of cash to help purchase food which we can’t get donated.

3. Wildlife Protection Association of Australia – located in the Brisbane Region, this organisation is supporting >1000 wildlife foster carers throughout Qld by distributing funds raised to help cover fuel to enable rescues, food and first aid supplies. Estimated to be helping 1000s of animals, though it is hard to estimate how many are left after the floods.

Wish List: -
Cash only to assist their foster carers to rescue and care for a wide cross section of wildlife.

Please help us help the animals, by supporting our appeal with a financial donation, or donation of goods.

For further details of our appeal, and the good work these organisations are doing, and how to make a donation, please visit our website at: http://www.freewebs.com/sydneypetrescueandadoption/floodappealanimals.htm

Thank you for supporting our rescue effort.

Kind Regards,
Michelle Alber


9576 1457

0403 254 960

Registered Charity CFN 20040 & Member Society of WSPA


To adopt, foster, volunteer, email malber@optusnet.com.au or call (02) 9576 1457 for more information.

Foster carers urgently needed.