View Full Version : Agistment Insurance

Michelle (Guest)
18-12-01, 02:19 PM
Do Agistment Centres need to have public liability insurance to cover the horses boarding on the property if they escape?

JJ (Guest)
18-12-01, 05:25 PM

If you are being paid to be responsible for an agisted horse, you are responsible.

Your normal public liability insurance will cover household pets if they get out - ie: if your dog escapes and damages/injures someone, but to cover horses you have to declare on your farm/property insurance you are agisting horses and check this will be covered too. Of course, this will make your premiums go up too.

19-12-01, 01:09 AM
Yes they 'need' to have insurance to cover the horses as suggested and to cover any accidents to the owners whilst on the property. Whether many actually have insurance is another matter altogether.

Me Again (Guest)
19-12-01, 06:18 AM
Public means public not horses. That answers one question.

Public liabilty is a must where any member of the public is on that particular peice of land.
This includes agistment centres, pony clubs etc.

But it doesn't cover the horses. You agist at you own risk as do you ride at a club etc.
Thats why you will see in fine print on most show programmes and probably on the rules and regulations at the centre that they accept no responability for loss, injury or damage to the horse, gear and tranport.