View Full Version : What is float worth??

30-01-11, 10:37 AM
Hey a friend is selling her float, and I want it, but neither of us knows what its worth. Anyone have any idea's? Its a Coachman, extended, stallion divider, breaching doors, tack box in the front. Needs a bit of work - some minor repairs needed, some rust to be cut out, needs painting and isn't currently registered. I will of course also get the floor etc checked. But any thoughts on what is a fair price to offer her?

Thanks :)

30-01-11, 11:19 AM
what year is it Neisje? That will play a part in determining price.
Could be anywhere from 4.5k to 15k otherwise. I am guessing due to rust it has a bit of age on it.

30-01-11, 12:08 PM
If rust needs cutting out and it is visable, there could easily more rust where you cant easily see it and it may end up not being minor repairs.

How old is it?

What are they worth new?

How much work, in $ terms does it need?

What is its gerneral condition and paint work like?

Your question is a bit like how long is piece of string as there are so many vairables.

30-01-11, 01:20 PM
Well we have agreed we will take it to a float repair place and get a quote on repairs first, then work out a price based on what needs to be spent on it, I think thats fair? :)

Not sure on age, I will ask. Its a Coachman Professional and on their site is $16,643 new