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27-02-11, 08:07 AM

I have a dressage comp next weekend. It says on the draw that it may be a 'jacket free' day if it is deemed too warm.

What do you wear on a jacket free day? I don't fancy wearing white breeches and a tucked in white shirt - I don't have a gorgeous flat gut to pull that look off. I was thinking about buying a vest to 'hide' some of the rolls. Is this acceptable or will I look like a complete nuff nuff?

Please show me your pics of competing sans jacket?

27-02-11, 08:17 AM
Definitely get a nice vest Pillegro - they look really smart and hide shirt-tuck, and give a flattering line over jods. Any colour ok, I have an olivey green one that suits any colour horse. Wear over long sleeved shirt. Ebay is a good place to look. Rgds

27-02-11, 09:25 AM
Our dressage club has a club polo shirt available (not compulsory), and I notice a lot of people seem to wear short sleeved ratcatcher shirts. If you want to camoflage your waistline, I agree with Opensky about wearing a waistcoat over a ratcatcher shirt.

I think part of the secret to looking nice is being able to keep your shirt tucked in neatly - a lot of shirts are too short. eg. in the ELT brochure/catalog, they show pics of some lovely riding shirts, but the models all have them untucked.... and you can see why - no way would the silly things stay tucked in, because they're far too short! :(
I know an untucked shirt does camoflage a less than perfect waist, but while it might be fine for training at home, it looks a bit sloppy for a club ribbon day. If it's any consolation, I guess you can rest assured that you aren't the only pebble on the beach - there are plenty of other riders who bemoan the fact that they don't have the perfect supermodel tummies either! And most people are more interested in checking out your horse and how it's going, or your nice saddle etc, than thinking "Hmmm.... the rider needs to go in the Jenny Craig paddock!" ;)

27-02-11, 09:33 AM
Yep shirt tucked in with your normal tie/stock and a vest. I always wear my jacket regardless though. I just pop it on before I enter the ring/arena and take it off straight afterwards. To me a jacket always finishes the picture. I wear short sleeved shirts under my jacket in summer so it's not so hot. Carolyn Brace makes a fantastic T shirt with either a regular collar or ratcatcher collar. They're called CB Tees and come in a huge range of colours. She also makes ones that have little points on the front bottom hem to make it look like your wearing a vest too. Everyone in the hack ring wears these in summer and I'm positive they wouldn't look out of place in the dressage arena either.

27-02-11, 09:46 AM
I normally wear a singlet over the top of my ratcatcher to disguise my fat tummy. Here's a pic http://www.jmsphotography.biz/display.php?SessId=58144929&image_id=36761
it's not the best but I'm not at home so I had to find one on the internet. My horse doesn't normally look so spazzy.

27-02-11, 03:15 PM
Most of my show shirts are coloured, and these look really smart with white pants on jacket free days.

i stick with blues, as they look good with white or cream pants, but have also been known to sport a red cb tee or a hot pink polo! :)

if i am going sans jacket, i will wear a ratcatcher collar with pin, rather than a stock.

here is a pic from an event i took a young horse to. my shirt is a mid to light blue, with a red and black check, and i think it looks quite nice. i try to avoid stretchy shirts and will usually also wear a belt.


There was an article in dressage today magazine last year, and one of the ladies was wearing a white cool medics vest with her breeches and shirt, and this looked great. if you do wear a vest though, make sure it is a nicely tailored one, that will give you a nice line in the saddle. I have a couple of golden dress ones, which are just divine and very flattering, but you just need to try several on and decide which fits you best.

27-02-11, 03:52 PM
if its 'no coat' cause its hot, then I wear my long sleeve shirt with stock/catcher collar.

if its 'no coat' cause its a club day/unoff, a nice polo is good, or a neat coloured cotton shirt, RM's or Rivers type stuff
But I still think dressage=formal, so I wear my white shirt/riding coat anyhow.

my white shirt is very oversized, it is an old Dublin size 20 cotton ratcatcher shirt, I take a 16, (cause I hate tight shirts and have big shoulders), so it is huge.
I wear it with pale jods and a narrow belt, tuck just the bottom edge of my shirt into my jods, and the rest doubles over and hangs down to hide the lumpy bits:D, still looks neat and tidy. its light and billowy and I dont get hot in the slightest

personally I think vests accentuate the rolls *shrugs*
I used to wear a nice loose white silk shirt to Jump Club, untucked, looked neat

youll look great regardless Pills, they wont be looking at you anyway,
they will be dazzled by Mr Jasper!

27-02-11, 10:07 PM
I hate stocks without vests and jackets, especially if they are a different colour to the shirt. EEEEEEEWIE!

27-02-11, 10:27 PM
Me too Leahrydeary, one of my biggest pet hates! Especially when jumping and the stock is flapping around in the rider's face :rolleyes:
If the committee decides it is hot enough to ride sans jacket, people should either wear a vest with a stock and shirt, or lose the stock completely and wear a ratcatcher collar instead.

Pills I think a nice vest in complementary colours to your shirt and stock would be lovely in your situation :)

This was my choice of attire on a 40' day.. Cream shirt and stock with yellow vest. Doesnt look very flattering with me slouching in the photo though! Sharyn's outfit is lovely and she pulls it off beautifully, but I like to hide my waist a bit too ;)

http://photos-d.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc3/14643_347492080186_887070186_10057430_5969061_a.jp g

27-02-11, 10:50 PM
You outfit looks lovely and very classy Cobie, and I love your pony in the pond! Lol, reminds me of a dressage comp i went to and i warmed the horse up over the cross country course. He loved it!

On the topic of stocks, i always keep some small safety pins in my box of miscellaneous crap (among 367 other useful bits and pieces!), to pin the ends down, so i have no rogue stock tails escaping, jacket or no jacket.

And also again on the topic of shirts. If you are going to go jacketless, make sure your shirt is ironed!

28-02-11, 12:14 PM
You both look so lovely in your pics. I dont have the confidence to do a 'Sharyn', Cobie is the the look I am going for :-)

I had a look at the cool medics website and really like that vet. The white vest looks fantastic, however, when I read more into it...you can actually wash the vest. There are lots of rules ie not washing machines, can not be submerged londer than 30 seconds and and it needs to be spot cleaned. Can you imagine spot cleaning a white vest that has been wet and worn near a horse???? Blurk!

28-02-11, 12:24 PM
For a hot day I would wear a white short sleeved shirt and blue & black satin-backed cotton vest with a tie or ratcather. I also think a pastel coloured short sleeves shirt and tie looks very nice.