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01-03-11, 08:36 AM
I have been diagnosed with arthritis in my spine and so went out and started on the Green Lipped NZ Mussel supplements after discussions with my doctor on what can help keep this under control. The capsules are the same as I give my dog Lottie for her shoulder dysplasia and have worked miracles for her. Of course I got the capsule human ones for me.

I started taking them about a month ago and noticed that I started feeling quite nauseous pretty much most of the day and when I got hungry I got a horrible extreme hunger feeling and felt like I wanted to throw up I felt so hungry, even if I had eaten only an hour before.

I stopped taking the supplements about a week ago and it has taken until about 2 days ago to stop feeling so nauseous. It is obvious the supplements do not agree with me.

I tried taking them with food, with milk (as was recommended if nausea was experienced), the milk helped a bit. if I took them with food within about 10 minutes I felt really sick.

Just wonder if anyone else takes these and has had the same experience?

The capsules are expensive but not wasted as I will now just give them to Lottie instead. will change to MSM.

Maybe I am allergic to the mussel? I am not a big fish/shellfish eater.

01-03-11, 10:02 AM
I don't have experience with mussels (except in a restaurant) but wanted to say I'm sorry to hear the news about your spine, Gng.

I hope you find something that gives you a more palatable result.

01-03-11, 10:07 AM
there is an enzyme in paw paw (yes the fruit, talk about palateable) that is used in cases like yours GnG... ask your doctor