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07-03-11, 07:49 AM
Any information based on your personal experiences would be great, are they worth the money and what is a good price for 2nd hand unit?

Or as I said to a friend yesterday, are they the Equine version of a breadmaking machine, used like mad for a few months and put away never to be seen again.

07-03-11, 07:59 AM
There was a thread recently about the Equissage's... I have one a love it, wouldn't part with it. I've had it for a year now and still use it 3-4 times a week. No its not like a breadmaking machine, it works on vibration, not kneading.

07-03-11, 08:02 AM
I meant more like the novelty aspect of the bread machine, not the action LOL

07-03-11, 08:05 AM
No they are not a "fad"! I have one and have had it for several years- it is the original version.

I use it all the time- weekly on some horses and daily on others. I use it as a warm up and cool down therapy and the horses absolutely love it- if a hrose could "purr" they would. The horse backs and general conditon seems to improve and it is brilliant on legs.

I use it in conjunction with professional care and the horses have never looked or worked better. The therapist always comments on who little he has to do and how much the horses have improved.

While it is controversial I do believe you can see an improvement in their stride length and their over all attitude to work- as they are "warmed up" (circulation wise) and ready to work

The second hand cost is a hard one- they come up but not super regularly- the old ones you can get for around the $2500-3000, the new models are $4500 area, but you usually have to be fast on the cheaper ones as they sell quickly. I think the fact that they are not so readily available second hand says that most owners like them and hold onto them- the usual reason for sale is to upgrade. The only people who dont like them are the ones who dont own them and never had- so they are hardly in a position to make negative comments are they?

07-03-11, 08:57 AM
I'm an equine body worker and I have recently invested in an EquiVibe, Equissage's competitor.
I got it because i do a lot of horses in a day, especially at some of my racing stables, and the machine does a lot of my hard work for me, leaving me to use my hands (yes i still go over the entire horse by hand) to find and fix.
On its own, neither brand of machine will fix a problem such as knots, scar tissue, asymetries etc, but they certainly increase circulation and i have found them very good for horses that are so shut down with pain thru the back that they fight the body worker.. the machines vibration softens and relaxes allowing me in.
Are they worth it? For me, hell yes. For others, certainly but you would want to use it regularly and in conjunction with a good body worker to make sure you are on track.