View Full Version : does anyone recognise this brand?

18-03-11, 05:31 PM
I have a chestnut thoroughbred gelding with a big blaze and a nearside sock. His brand is MEP with a bar over the M. He is 17 this year and I am wanting to find out any other information about him and what he has been doing the last 10 years. If anyone knows the horse or the brand I would appreciate any information. He originally came from the Wyee area.Thanks.

18-03-11, 06:04 PM
3496 M UNDER BAR E P Mr BJ Castle

18-03-11, 06:06 PM
Would need Drop Number for more

18-03-11, 07:20 PM
I know his racehorse name it is Dahala, his drop number is 2 over 4. I wanted to know what happened with his racing career and afterwards, he is a bit sook so am wanting to find out what he has done re retraining.

18-03-11, 07:25 PM
Just looked up his record and he had two starts. One in 1998 the other in 2000.

18-03-11, 07:54 PM
what happened with him then....... does anyone know??????

19-03-11, 08:20 AM
Nothing on record except those 2 runs posted above : a slow country runner became either a paddock decorator or moved into some other discipline. Apart from the then owner, the country trainer might know what followed that short racing career.

27-12-11, 01:54 AM
I'm so happy I found this thread! I have adopted this horse and am so pleased to find a little bit of his history. The wonderful women who rescued him had his teeth done (they were cutting his cheeks) and had him hose drenched and put him in a nice paddock and rode him gently for a while. I saw him advertised for sale at my local produce store and went out to meet him and was instantly smitten with his beautiful paddock manners and gentle, friendly nature. Even though I'm from a "horsey family" he is my first horse.

He is still very under condition and I'm feeding him up with Gumnuts, Livamull, hay and a little apple cider + garlic. He's very itchy and I've used Brute to keep the flies off which seems to be working well. After a bath with neem shampoo his coat is a little more shiny. We are yet to ride him and are taking him for walks on the lead to help build muscle gently as he has no bum or topline whatsoever.

He has the most beautiful personality and he has definitely adopted me as his human. He comes up and gives me lovely kisses when I'm in the yard with him and is very gentle with me and I with him.

I'm not sure what else to do about his itchiness - he doesn't have any actual sores from fly bites, but does have some lumps and bumps. He has a couple of favourite branches to rub on and has several bald patches. I'm hoping that regular grooming until the bites settle will help, but am thinking about trying something different - maybe sweet itch oil?

Any suggestions would be most appreciated! I'm trying to work from the inside out with his nutrition but feel so bad for his itchiness. Maybe coal tar shampoo?