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23-04-11, 06:10 PM
Hey all. Well it's coming along and she's letting me handle it a lot more now as you can see by the photo. It's still nasty, but its clean and no infection, which is the best I can hope for.

The flap on the side has attached and is flattening out so I'm hoping we may not need to trim it, but we'll see how it goes. She let me get a bandage on it today for the first time since we started having trouble, so I'm hopeful we can eat that proud flesh away.


23-04-11, 07:33 PM
Poor Shar-lea.... but this is definitely an improvement. Hope it continues to heal well, with no infection. It's a credit to you that it looks so clean, considering all her "issues" about handling etc. Well done, and carrots to the poor girl....

23-04-11, 07:41 PM
lookin' pretty good ? (wish your pic was bigger/more quality...)


try and get some tegagel .....

23-04-11, 07:43 PM
Thanks SEF. I actually tried to post last night, but was having all sorts of drama's with cyberhorse.

She is being really good now. I'm able to smother it in betadine and spray it with yellow lotion. I'm happier now that I can clean up around it. Because she is cremellow tih pink skin, I was so worried about a secondary infection, but now I can keep everything grade a clean. She actually enjoys it. I think it's at that itchy stage of healing and when I start to lightly scratch off any gunk around the outsides she starts to itch me on my back in return.

23-04-11, 07:46 PM
Any ideas where I can find some Treacle. I'm thinking now that she'll let me touch it I can keep something like a gel on it. I think the Yellow Lotion is fantastic, but it's not getting rid of that proud flesh fast enough for my liking.

Maybe I should try some Lotagen......has anyone used the Proudaid?

23-04-11, 07:50 PM
i'll ask my NUM on monday and see if they will order extra... i'm not sure how much it will cost you

23-04-11, 07:53 PM
A friend of mine had amazing success with Proud Aid on her horse recently. I reckon you'd go through a hell of a lot of Lotagen with this wound! The Proud Aid would definitely be worth a try.

23-04-11, 08:56 PM
what a beautiful job. you have done wonders, its healing beautifully.

you will get a shock when you compare it to this photo a year or two later.

my misty was horrendiously injoured and 3 years later theres only hairline scarring.

the actual wounds were 4 to 6 inches of tendon showing. still cant believe the final job.

23-04-11, 09:36 PM
Hi Reveleus, I've had tremendous success with Equiaide (I think its now called Proud Aid). You won't get much healing when you have proud flesh. The pictures speak for themselves. I dressed with the Equiaide/Proud Aid, then Manuka honey on the good flesh to prevent infection, covered with melolin (non-stick dressing) combine, then bandage.


The above was taken at one week, the next at 10 weeks

Sorry about the size of the above pic... don't know how to shrink it.


23-04-11, 10:02 PM
Ok so the proudaid might be the way to go then. That's amazing Midlifer. I can only hope that Shar-Lea heals that well.

Thanks Mindari - I actually compared the pic yesterday to the pics I took when she first did it. Sometimes when you are seeing them every day it's hard to notice the difference. It's definitely come a long way already.....still a ways to go though so I'm not getting ahead of myself :)

23-04-11, 10:04 PM
Sorry Treacle, I just saw your thread. Can you find out a cost for me and I'll compare the prices. Honestly, my little cat wasn't planned in my budget this month :(

24-04-11, 08:15 AM
All I can say is thinking of you both, sending positive healing vibes & hugs () () ()

24-04-11, 08:24 AM
Its looking so much better now, well done reveleus :D

Off topic question- does she tend to injure herself often (whether it be small or big) and does she wear a fly mask?

24-04-11, 06:23 PM
No she's generally pretty good Shads, just when she does hurt herself it's usually big time.

I keep a fly veil on her but I always take it off her if I move her into a different paddock or introduce new horses etc. I don't think she has the best vision in the world but she does burn on her eyelids and I lost a cremello to a squamis cell carcinoma of the eyelid many years ago, so I'm very aware of their pink skin.

28-04-11, 07:22 AM
Just bumping for Shoes....you mustn't have seen this post as I saw you posted on the previous update asking for pics.

I'm on days off and I'll try to get pics this arve, but it's looking like raining again.

28-04-11, 07:34 AM
Thanks for the reply Reveleus....

My cremello filly is a completely accident prone if she doesnt wear her fly mask where as the cremello stallion is fine without one on...

Glad to hear she is doing well :D

28-04-11, 07:46 AM
She is looking great Reveleus.
You could do with some luck xx

28-04-11, 08:13 AM
The stuff I used worked a treat and never got any proud flesh at all and it was down to bone but on his shoulder.

28-04-11, 08:47 AM
Reveleus,thanks for that I missed your post, I think that her wound is doing well considering all that has happened, those pictures of the horses that have had proud aid on them are good results, if you are still getting crap and dirt in the wound get a 50 ml syringe from your produce store one with a big nozzle and wash the wound out with warm salty water just like the sea water strength, the wound will granulate up but you will have to deal with the proud flesh, go for the proud aid as I think for silver nitrate you will have to get form a chemist and might involve a script, I would be happy with her wound