View Full Version : anyone been to Chantilly Museum of the Horse ?? Info ???

28-04-11, 03:23 PM
has anyone here visited the Museum of the Horse at Chantilly near Paris ?
can anyone give me any info on getting there from Paris ? i now you can train it, but if anyone has actually done it i would appreciate any info or help you may have to offer.
i am having trouble getting around the sites as some translate from french to english quite easily, but some i am too dumb to work out how to get them into english !
any advice or help appreciated. thanks.

28-04-11, 03:52 PM
I'll preface this by saying I haven't actually made the journey as Chantilly museum was closed the day I wanted to go, but, I did investigate getting there by train last year and it seemed reasonably straight forward. Basically a train from Gare du Nord then a bus to the Chateau itself. I'm pretty good with European trains so places like Gare du Nord or Chatelet les Halles don't phase me (not like my Mum who gets lost in the entrance!).

I looked on the Chantilly museum website and found this.
Getting to Chantilly by train

Paris-Chantilly :

From the Gare du Nord SNCF Grandes lignes (24 minutes)
From Châtelet les Halles RER line D (45 minutes)</p>
Download train and RER times here (ligne 23 - Paris - Chantilly - Creil)

From Chantilly Station to the Château

Taxi from the station (cost: about €8) : 5 minutes
Le DUC (Desserte Urbaine Cantilienne) (Chantilly's town free bus): departure from the bus station (at SNCF railheads), alight at the "Chantilly, église Notre-Dame" stop

Walking to the Château from the station should take about 22 minutes

You can look at timetables etc at the website too (down the bottom of the page)

28-04-11, 06:15 PM
wow ! thanks ! i did find a train timetable website but couldnt work out which line i wanted,,,trying to navigate it and it kept asking the area from and to,,,and when i put paris and chantilly it ask for more specifics,,,which i couldnt work out !
yes,,i know,,,dumbo !!
thanks again.

28-04-11, 06:21 PM
Lin2,,,how do i get that timetable to translate to english ???
i get the basics,,,but am wondering what days are what ??

apparently we are staying near a transport hub called Porte Maillot ?? near the Arc ?? can we get a train from there to Chantilly,,,or do we get a train to Gare De Norde and then connect with line 23 ??

28-04-11, 06:32 PM
Can't help you with getting there as we drove - but oh so many years ago- 1976 - I don;t think they had a museum there then, but we were at the races - a beautiful course - and walked around the old circular stables - which is probably where the museum is.
Are you visiting Versailles ? - my daughter has a dream of riding at the Equestrian Academy run by Bartabas there - they have performances regularly I believe.


28-04-11, 06:39 PM
Chas,,,i dont have a clue !!
we have some trips pre organised for us,,,but the museum of the horse is not one,,,which is why i am trying to find out about it. they say there is an art gallery there to rival the Louvre ( spelling),,,a friend told me it was absolutely stunning. between the horse museum and the art gallery i feel we really must make an effort on one of our free days. but i have also been told the museum isnt open when they are racing at Chantilly.
( this friend had a local to drive her everywhere so wasnt much help re transport ).
since we are staying in Paris,,and dont have more than 3 or 4 words of french,,,i am trying to get some info before i get there,,,,dont want to waste time you know ?

28-04-11, 06:45 PM
Sounds as though you have a wonderful trip - say hello to Paris for me.
I have fond memories of late night walks along the river after wonderful dinners, all this after three weeks of excellent skiing eating and drinking - and people ask why I want to go back again <g>

28-04-11, 06:57 PM
Hi aa. Let Tripadvisor.com be your friend. I use this site extensively and I've just had a look and there are a number of posts about Chantilly Horse Museum. Go to tripadvisor.com, then forums on the left, then Europe forums, then France and then type in your question in the Q box. There may be a quicker way of doing this but it works for me!

Great you're going. You can tell me if it's worth it when we go to Paris later in the year.

28-04-11, 08:35 PM
AA, I would skip Chatelet les Halles and the RER train (regional train) as Chatelet les Halles station is an enormous underground network of tunnels and platforms. It goes for miles underground! Plus the RER service will take twice as long as the SNCF to Chantilly. Might be more expensive though, so you'll need to check out prices.

If you are staying near the Arc de Triomphe then I would catch a Metro (underground) train to the Gare de Nord, which is a major long haul station servicing trains heading to the North of Paris (and to London etc), The Gare de Nord has Metro platforms on the lower levels and then you make your way up to the ground surface for the SNCF trains.

I'm not sure what month and day you might be travelling but here is a timetable for the SNCF trains from Paris Gare de Nord to Chantilly-Gouvieu. You can change the details to suit you. You don't need to book your train ticket in advance or through this website (with Eurail) but it gives you an idea of the timetable. Click on LATER TRAINS for more departure times.


28-04-11, 10:37 PM
Paris is a fantastic place, I loved every minute there. If you are looking to see art the Musee D Orsay was excellent, it may be the one you are thinking of as it is popular.

There is so much to see and do there my last trip was in 97 but I will get back there one day

29-04-11, 01:14 PM
thank you Lin2 and RMJens for the sites to look at, and also others for advice and suggestions.
now if i can just get a map of paris i will be happy,,,in english of course,,,what a time for the printer to go to God !!
but i feel sure i will find someone to print one for me before too long,,,
starting to look forward to it now !! never been to paris before ! can you believe it ? 6 years in England and never crossed the pond !!