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08-03-00, 12:22 AM
I cut and pasted the elite person's comments from the Horse magazine debate...
please note the...we are the elite (AKA Alice bands)

plase note the we all know how to ride etc...

love the gossip etc...

all us other little minions can just join together and read Jill's Gymkhana.. but then they need our memberships money to fund their abortive trips to the games - where no doubt we will finish last as usualPersonally I think all you people out there having a good bitch about Chris Hector must have nothing better to do with your time. If you don't like his opinions or the way he writes, don't buy the magazine!! I am a dressage rider who associates quite a lot with many of the "elite" people mentioned in THM. Every rider in this group of people buys the magazine religiously every month and I am no exception.
What do we buy it for? We LOVE the gossip, we know that the German riders and breeders are on the right track so we read the articles with interest, we want to know what is going on out there, we think Heath's and Chris' opinions are so controversial and I don't personally know anyone who disagrees with much of what either of them say!!

There are heaps of magazines out there that teach you to ride - why don't you buy them? I don't know any of the so-called elite circle that do - we have learnt to ride and now want to keep in touch with what else is going on out there. We have the magazines that we like to read and you have the magazines that you like to read. It is as simple as that.

I know you are all about to cut me down for being snobby or something but I think you might be forgetting that different things suit different readers. I don't mean to offend anyone but almost everyone I know is a THM addict. And YES some of us HAVE been written about in slightly less than glowing terms. But face it, CH's opinions usually reflect the majority of opinions of the more knowledgable section of the audience. Only once has he written something about someone that I didn't agree with but who cares anyway??


08-03-00, 01:42 AM
Absolutely sickening - my mum refers to them as Plastic people - so why do I get this vision of cardboard cutouts, posing next to plastic horses. they simply aren;t real.

Wonder if they ever go riding in the high country, just to enjoy some time with their horse, or to gallop flat out on a beach with both of you as high as kites - wonder if they ever cry when their horse dies.... or just go and buy another "elite" horse... is their horse a friend or a status symbol.
retired will know what I mean when I speak of The Inner Ring.. it's a talk in a series of lectures by CS Lewis and it's in a book called the Weight of Glory ... it can be bought by contacting amazon.com, and should be required reading for all intelligent people, especially those who compete with horses.
I doubt very much whether the elite (or those who think they are) would see the point of the lecture
It discusses the way certain people long to be part of "the in crowd" and when they feel they are, they vigorously try to exclude others - just as this sad and sorry person has done... the lecture is something I live by, and I recently bought another couple of the books in case I need reminding and can't find one.
If some of you intelligent people could bother to order one (doesn't cost much) I feel you would gain the same benefits as I have from it, and feel sorry instead of angry with this pitiful soul.

black beauty
08-03-00, 02:37 AM
I have a feeling "elite" might be Michelle Hasibar, the elite posts appeared at the same time as Michelle posted the thread on Day break horse trials ( hmmmm ) may be wrong (sorry michelle if its not you )but its a BIG
co-insidence(pardon the spelling).

08-03-00, 07:04 AM
Hang on a Minute - 'Elite' is not a dirty word!
Whatever you might think of the opinions of one ‘Elite’ or ‘Wannabe Elite’ person, it is from Australias’ elite riders that the teams for the 2000 Olympics will be selected. The people in this group are there because they are the best in the country at the sport in which they compete. I’m sure being part of the ‘in crowd’ or excluding others is the last thing on their minds .
Personally I’m proud of our elite riders, and I’m proud of what Australia has achieved in equestrian sports. (I would remind you Amanda that our 3Day Event team won Gold at both the Atlanta and Barcelona Olympics).
What’s so terrible about being elite? Isn’t it what we all strive for – to be the best at what we do.

08-03-00, 07:24 AM
You have missed the whole point of what Amanda said - I think she really wouldn't care if the person is elite or not.... it's the condescneding attitude that's so irritating.. I AM... and WE ARE SO GOOD attitude.
Judith, I happen to know people whom you would consider very famous in the horse world, and not one of the truly famous or powerful would say anything like what Elite says....they are usually, humble, hard working, strong personalities and there is no way they would say we can ride so we don't need to do this..
She (I assume it's she) states they love gossip, controversy and don't need us...
Fine, but leave us in peace to enjoy each others company and not to pretend we know more.
It's not what was said - read elite's comments again, it's insulting...

08-03-00, 09:05 AM
Hold on! I don't think it is fair to name names if you are only guessing! Anyway I for one have always found Michelle to be a nice and fair person, in fact she was almost the only person on the NSW DC who would speak up for the country riders at one time.

I also think that the bagging of CH and THM went a bit far at times... I am one of those who loves a controversy and I think that Mr H has done a good deal to stir up the complacency of the powers that be. I often disagree with him, but he is entitled to his point of view, and if he is the only one of us who had the wit and energy to actually start and maintain a successful mag in Aus.. then good on him. It's a free world and all the complainers could go out and do the same thing if they wanted to!

We do need our stirrers or things can get rather corrupt out there in admin land...

08-03-00, 09:29 AM
I would be VERY surprised if it were!!! I've only met her once or twice but she is very nice and down to earth. I don't think she would be capable of that sort of big noting at all!

Jan Heine
08-03-00, 10:51 AM
Whomever this "Elite" person is I am guessing "she ain't too elite" because my dad always taught me that those who boast are not actually doing and those who achieve are humble in the knowledge of the hard work it took to get to the top! I have been lucky enough to meet a lot of very successful people in my life and I think without exception they have been humble and nice folk who are willing to share the secrets of their success without pomposity or arrogance. Now as to the Horse Magazine controversy - it has been interesting and I have read all posts - some have been downright stupid - and they have (unfortunately for the magazine) been the ones defending the magazine. I personally do not bother to advertise in it purely because I, like Brian Silvia, found that I did not get response whereas I did get an enormous response from the Horse Deals and it is true that Horse Deals do look after ALL their advertisers without playing favourites - I was unfortunately not a favourite (in fact have never met Mr Hector) and so my advert was not even put in the advertising feature (Irish Horses) but was buried in the back of the magazine - but I cannot be bothered arguing the point - I simply don't buy it! I have been interested to know though that I am not alone in my opinion of the magazine.

08-03-00, 10:59 AM
this discussion is not about THM - I agree with Jan that some of the threads were downright stupid - but the "We are Elite" attitude is the subject under discussion - not more of THM bashing...And I don't care WHO is the author - it's the Muhammid Ali attitude which really gripes me..

08-03-00, 04:06 PM
As they say "Empty vessels make the most noise". Thats why I keep all my posts short!!!LMAO

Jan Heine
08-03-00, 04:12 PM
On that theory, Sally I am running well under the empty mark - aren't I? Verbose creature that I am!Laughing very Loudly Out Very Loud!

09-03-00, 07:05 AM
I agree with Geraldine that there is no point in speculating on the identity of 'elite'. However, whilst on the subject of self proclaimed annonymous elitists and Alice banders, here's a quote that I thought everyone might enjoy:
"It is far more impressive when others discover your good qualities without your help".

09-03-00, 08:56 AM
was the statement ..'we (the elite) already know how to ride'....
i think this highlights the person's ignorance; after all, all horsepeople know that as far as horses (and life) are concerned...you NEVER stop learning.

09-03-00, 02:48 PM
I can rememember a very fine horseman tellig me that when he was 18 he knew all he needed to know about horses. He said by the time he was 40 he realised just how much he did not know.
Probably means elite is one of the younger brigade. She certainly writes with the lack of tact that confident youth has.

09-03-00, 04:25 PM
Pardon me!!, I happen to be in my mid 20's and confident, but I certainly know you NEVER stop learning not even on your death bed!!, perhaps because it is because I am emotionally mature and "elite" isnt, not "all" confident youth are out of touch with reality and have a visual field of just themselves, like elite does.


09-03-00, 05:20 PM
'elite' and her like are just the type that I refer to. Opposed to that are the likes of Black Beauty, Showee ( a tad younger than you), Wannabee Showie and several others who have something that 'elite' may take a lifetime and never get close to .That is what Black Beauty referred to 'emotional maturity', tempered with a large dose of tact and common sense. I didn't throw the brick at you so there is no need to duck and hurl it back *smile*