View Full Version : Where to find feed drums - Bringelly area?

19-06-11, 11:13 PM
Hey all, quick question, as it says in the title, does anyone know where I can get the metal 44gal feed drums anywhere within a short-ish drive of Bringelly? I've moved my boy back out there for (at least) a couple of months, and though I've seen those plastic drums at a produce place not far from where I'm keeping him, they narrow at the top and I don't like my chances of being able to stick an un-opened bale of hay in one of those....

If any places have them and will deliver that would be preferable, but if necessary I can probably get a friend of mine with a trailer to lend a hand.

19-06-11, 11:47 PM
Not sure but did you try Horsin Round at Mulgoa? They sometimes have things like you are after. I bought mine off that guy on Northern Road at the Northern Rd/Greendale Road crossing. Not the feed place, but about two doors up is a guy who does up floats and always has them out the front for sale. He used to sell 44 Gal drums too. Not sure if he still does though.

20-06-11, 02:33 AM
I got mine Elizabeth Drive B Creek - can't think of guy's name but he used to sell the biscuit meal (from Arnotts factory) BUT very good 44s with good clamp lids - they were the imported bulk jam 44s - the bees loved them! So you had to wash them out well as soon as you got home.

On the right side going from Badgerys Creek towards Kemps Ck - drive in somewhere opposite (or near to) Eggs 4 sale!

20-06-11, 08:01 AM
We got ours from the feed store (next to the cemetery) on Camden Valley Way. It might be called Leppington Produce? They had heaps of them when we went looking

Ours are old apple juice drums. They were around $20. I think one of the girls even had hers delivered but I am not sure what that cost.