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17-10-00, 06:52 AM
I'm so annoyed at myself. I keep offering advice to a fellow horse owner, who asks for advice, and then ignores it and does exactly what I suggested would not be a good option!!!

For example, the person in question, was advised against purchasing a particular horse for his daughter without a vet check. For one, the horse was 20years and secondly, the price was too high. The only good thing about the horse was that it was dead quiet. I mean, quieter than any school horse I've ever come across... Also, this particular horse had injured his shoulder a number of years ago, the previous owner didn't do anything about it for months. This injury showed up as lameness when his daughter started to ride it (not ridden for 6months previous to this). Righto, get the chiropracter, fixed!! It was nothing - WRONG!!
Anyway, he didn't get a vet check and paid the owner's price.

Now, I guess he's ended up with a lemon because I rode this horse recently and, low and behold, it was still lame!!! But, funnily, this doesn't show up when the owner rides the horse. Only when pushed a bit into a slightly forward trot did it happen!!

The second thing that frustrated me was A asked my opinion on one of two instructors to send the girl to. To cut it short, I said I don't think she'd get much out of the lesson with one and would be better off trying the other instructor, who was a bit more expensive, but all in all, a better instructor. What does he do????? Can you guess??? Yep, he sends her to the first one!!

I feel like I'm butting my head against a wall!! Why oh why when someone asks you for advice, and you give it willingly, do they go and do the opposite!!!

Thanks for listening guys! I really needed to have a whinge. I'll step off the soapbox now!

PS - I had a good ride though. I did cross country training yesterday and my boy was fanastic. Wish me luck for Mentone ODE this weekend.

Belinda from Bega
17-10-00, 10:29 AM
You think thats bad eh!
I gave my best friend some advice about her daughter's riding and she took offence and won't ever speak to me again.

Gaby (nz)
18-10-00, 09:34 AM
many years ago I was helping a young girl who grazed a lovely little palamino mare in the same paddock as myself. Neither she nor her parents knew anything about horses so when the mare dropped weight badley they asked me and three other experienced friends for feeding advice.

We told them all the usual and recommended an appropriate feed regime for their pony (we compared notes and all of us had given the same advice),with the strict order to introduce the feed SLOWLY because
a) the pony was in such poor condition, and
b) the pony was not used to being hard fed.

Two days later and a half a bucket of unboiled barley (without chaff) they lost this poor pony to a massive dose of colic which ended with a twisted gut.

I still fume when thinking about that poor pony.

And then, of course, there was the kid who insisted on galloping her horse everywhere, and who'se parents thought she could do not wrong and would get very abusive when it was pointed out that her behaviour was dangerous, who got wiped off by a tree and broke her back and will never walk again.

and people wonder why I don't instruct anymore!!!

18-10-00, 09:46 AM
wow! these stories are terrible! mine is pee week compared to them but i'll share it anywayz
i sold my pony to a girl, and they said to give them advice whenever, so i just gave them the usual when they first purchased him, shod every seven week, wormed every eight, vaccinated once a yr. they seemed very attentive, and even wrote it all down
now they somehow got it into their head that it was every 12 wks for shoeing. and haven't wormed him in about 6 months. they also haven't pulled him mane, which i thought was ok, just scruffy, at first. when i was just giving him a carrot the other day i saw little bugs crawling all around in his shaggy mane! i told the owners that it'd be best if they didn't want to ppulll his tremendously thick mane it'd be best to hog it
they said, sure, good idea, but have never got around to it
i just gave them my sj instructors number, and she's starting lessons soon. he used to dig right into me if his tail was a tinsy bit too short, let alone bugs in his neck length mane!
he'll tell her the way to go
and she's also had her first rally at PC, and quite a few kids have said "who's that shaggy pony? he's all dirty" within earshot of her
she'll learn after a while
by the way, he has attended that pc since he was just three, till six and a half with me, going from baby group two to group 7, its just he looks soooo much different now!~
it kinda makes me think all the hours and hours i spent keeping him presentable even for the showring were in vain!

18-10-00, 09:48 AM
You have fulfilled your responsibility by giving your best advice. You are not responsible for them accepting it!! This is the theory, but its hard not to feel at least frustrated!

Older and Hopefully Wiser!
20-10-00, 01:18 AM
"Advice is seldom welcome; and those who want it the most always lke it the least." Lord Chesterfield - English writer and Politician!

Older and Hopefully Wiser!
20-10-00, 01:25 AM
"Advice is seldom welcome; and those who want it the most always lke it the least." Lord Chesterfield - English writer and Politician!