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03-12-11, 08:51 AM
Hi All

Yesterday my saddles failed the fit test. Had my suspicians, so not devastated, just frustrated.
So my mare is wide thru the wither/shoulder, and her weight bearing area for the saddle pannels was measured at 18inches. Does anyone have any ideas? I mostly like to trail ride, a little prep dressage, the odd small jump out on the trail.
I ride in a 17.5 inch dressage saddle, have no idea what size my halfbreed is.
So far I have a short list of a saddle made in england, a coverdale, or a mackinder? Depends on pannel length. Any others???
Looking forward to any ideas
Cheers Rhonda.

03-12-11, 09:20 AM
I have 17 inches of baring area on Davy, and bought a 15 inch Crosby Cadence show saddle.
I ride in a 17 inch usually, but the crosby is open enough that I fit, and I can jump 70-80cm in it with minimal hassle

I have a 14 inch HP half bred which fits him well, Mr HP has a 'short back' model now if you need to keep your seat size a bit bigger.

03-12-11, 09:26 AM
You guys are lucky. Our galloway has a bearing area of 12" and a very high wither, consequently we spent thousands on custom and non custom saddles. Finally a fitter found a saddle at Aitkens in Qld (PJ Teen) and Aitkens adjusted it to perfection when they were down here. Hope you find what you need.......

03-12-11, 10:25 AM
Another vote for Crosby - Mum has an 18" Pri St George that fits all our short backed arabs, no matter how wide they are. It fits my mare who is the only one wide enough to cope with mum's side saddle.

the three ts
03-12-11, 10:34 AM
PJ Saddles, Thorowgood, Luc Childeric, Kent and Masters, Lucardi all do short pannel saddles. Also the Ezi Ride Half breed suits your short back horses. Just a few suggestions :)

storm horse
03-12-11, 10:51 AM
have you considered a treeless saddle? there are some specifically designed for SB horses, but because of the way they are constructed, longer panel area may not be a problem. there are lots to chose from now, ranging from glorified saddle pads with stirrups to dressage/western saddles that can be hard to tell apart from traditional saddles.

03-12-11, 11:38 AM
Hi Brumby,

Not sure if I'm allowed to mention this on this forum, but I have a short-panelled Thorowgood t6 dressage for sale that may be suitable.
Aitkens get a few made with their regular thorowgoods, but the short panel ones are about 2 inches shorter than the regular panels.
It looks brand new. Bought this year, used for a few months, and then my horse broke his shoulder.
If you're in SE Qld you're very welcome to try it out. It has a "wide to extra wide" gullet in it but i also bought the straight extra wide.

03-12-11, 03:08 PM
Some of the GOOD brand treeless saddles come in a 'short back' eg: Freeform Classic and Freeform Dressage www.horse-connection.com.au

I think they are worth looking at for fit and comfort !

03-12-11, 05:16 PM
I found the choleric fit my short backed and wide Andalusian very well, but sadly not me. The KN saddles I tried were lovely. But best of all is the Peter Horobin Liberty we had made. Bliss to ride in and fits him perfectly.