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05-12-11, 03:28 PM
I have not owned a float for several years so I am very used to having the truck with everything in it.

So what are your essentials that you keep in the float, ie are never taken out etc

05-12-11, 06:41 PM
*my neat little home made dooflacky to open and close the roof vents
*2 (they multiplied) emergency release clips on shackles to put on the 'tie up points' ...usually off the ramp....for the boys to attach to
*spare tyre
*pony handcuffs
*chain and ball 'lock up float' fitting
*waterproof rug has been in for a while now
*water bucket
*very comfy (reclining) outdoor folding chair
*spare lead and halter
*fast replacement clips for the haynets to attach in odd spots for sharing between the boys
*anti sway fittings
*half a set of truck boots (only need inside pair:D)
*ash/dust pan (for poop) and poop bucket with lid...(the poo scoop suffered an awful death recently)

car permanently has basic 'clean, pad and bind' vet supplies, umbrella and hydraulic jack besides the normal 'car' stuff

05-12-11, 08:15 PM
If you plan on travelling at night (and can even be used in daylight) if you have to stop on the side of the road in an emergency to warn on-coming traffic to slow down, these are really handy.

We have three of these and have had to use them a couple of times. You can place them around the stationary float to alert motorists to steer clear. The ones I've got have stands that enable them to stand up on the road surface. I got them from the Reject shop for only $2 each, but that was many years ago and I haven't seen them in there since. You should be able to get them from Repco or Automart or a motor accessory shop. We always carry them just in case.
ETA Also always carry a good torch. And a knife or sharp scissors and a bit of bailing twine. (The knife is to cut a lead rope in an emergency).

05-12-11, 08:36 PM
Hmm, lots of things I will probably forget below, and a few more I'd love to have that I am looking at getting installed over summer.

*Sliding windows with fly screens.
*Ability to fully seal the float from bad weather etc.
*Full length door at the front, can't stand those half sized ones you have to bend over to get out of.
*Extended length, that extra room at the front is very helpful when you're trying to get in there and tie and untie a first time floater or if you have 2 horses in there. Also good for storage
*Front Tack box, we have a swing out saddle rack that is removoable so we can stack hay in there if we please. I fit 2 saddles, rake, my huge brush box, mounting block and my large gear bag in the front of my float. So everything fits in there if I'm just out for a day comp, or if it's a few days I have room in my ute for hay and human essentials.
*Extra height in our float - we got an extra 10cm, and it makes a HUGE difference with big horses (we have WB) and nervous floaters who don't understand about lowering their head when walking on the float.
*We got longer bays too, an extra 10cm in length, as at the time we had a 17.3hh chunky horse who was getting back issues from being crammed in our standard float. It's not a necessity for floats especially now that we dno't have the monster horse, but it's nice to know we have that room especially as 3 of my 6 horses look like they will mature over 17hh.

There's things that we didn't get that we have put in or changed like
*super duper rubber flooring
*rug rack that is good for long weekends away
*Breaching door type bum bars instead of just rail type things. We are getting these this week as our last 2 have bent from fatty horses!!!
*Heavy duty jockey wheel. No matter what people tell you about the standard ones being fine for floats, they don't seem to be. I am on my 3rd this year which broke last week and am now getting one of those HUGE ones that look like the 4WD of jockey wheels.
*internal super bright light, very handy
*extra lights all around the top of the float so that other trucks and cars can see us better at night (had a few little accidents, "oh, I didn't see your huge trailer there!")

This is my float basically, just custom made with the extra bay length and height.
Hope this helps.