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17-12-11, 10:57 AM

17-12-11, 11:01 AM
its the time frame, not the method

otherwise its just human emotion talking. Law isnt about human emotion and individual expectations.

how odd though.

Prancing Pony
17-12-11, 11:05 AM
It's cases like this where vets need to be given the authority to put the poor things down -dont ask, just do it! They have to know that an owner that doesn't care how a horse lives is definitely not gonna care how it dies either! I swear, a lot of ppl on this planet are only alive because it's illegal to kill 'em. There'd be a lot of horses better off if it wasn't.

17-12-11, 11:13 AM
I guess the reasoning is if hanging is considered a way to kill people it can't be considered a less humane way to kill animals. Unlike killing people however (unlike humans unless state sanctioned) killing animals is not illegal (just a whole lot of other behaviours that might be assocaited with the act).

17-12-11, 11:26 AM
I'm confused, so the actual moment of death was supposedly instantaneous therefore it's not cruel? What about the leadup of actually hooking the horse up to the excavator? That's not cruel? How many 27 year old horses would not be stressed about being hooked up to an excavator? How long was it after the horse was attached to the machine to the time the horse died?

Sounds fishy to me. For death to be instantaneous you would have to break the neck and an excavator isn't going to move quickly enough to break it so quickly that the horse doesn't know what's happening in which case it would have suffered immensely prior to it's death. If the neck wasn't broken then the horse would have suffocated and how that could be considered humane is beyond me.

17-12-11, 11:42 AM
'instantaneous'!....my arse!

as teetee says...how on earth could you hang a horse and have death instantaneous!


The judge is a dickhead.
The owners should be hung up by their back hoe.
Horrible things happen to beautiful creatures because humans are such f wits sometimes.

17-12-11, 12:06 PM
For a hanging to be "instantaneous" there has to be an abrupt drop with sufficient force to break the neck - and of course, even with people, that doesnt always happen, they asphyxiate instead.

So no, I fail to see how it could have been.

I also dont know how you can determine it was if you wearn't actually there.

The death penalty was completely abolished in Canada in 1998 (in 1976 it was abolished for civilians but was retained for acts of treason in the military) so it isn't some judge feeling he has to back up their position on hanging people. Maybe he would like to keep hanging people!

Yes, dickhead.

17-12-11, 12:20 PM
Weight you would think would surely be enough to break the neck if the rope was correctly tied, positioned etc. But did the hangers know this, or did they even know if hanging a horse would certainly work?

A large animal, lots of things could go wrong risking who knows what. I take it these guys must have had some experience hanging animals? I somehow think not. It does appear as a careless action. Perhaps a weak prosecution effort. Good court system regardless.