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25-01-12, 10:22 PM
Just wondering if anyone has any experience of incontinent dogs? We have just realised that our 14yo is incontinent, and of course the vets and pet shops are closed tomorrow - typical :( I have tried to fashion a nappy out of a puppy training pad and an elastic bandage, but not sure how it will hold up. Has anyone used human nappies - I think that the supermarket is open tomorrow. Any ideas gratefully accepted. We just need a temporary solution until we can get to the vet on Friday.

25-01-12, 10:33 PM
yes benni my sons cattledog at 13 became incontinet so i just bought toddler nappies. cut a hole for his tail for when he was in side, n happy n so were we.

25-01-12, 10:41 PM
Thanks mindari, will try it tomorrow.

25-01-12, 10:51 PM
Ponytael I know exactly what you are talking about with my 17yo cattle. She's been on Stibartstrol (sp? Vet spelling....looks like doctors handwriting) for a good 4 years now. Its not expensive, however meantime the nappy idea sounds a winner!

Something else I found.....who knew!!

25-01-12, 10:53 PM
Hey there Ponytael - there are plenty of things that the vet can do for you. :)

In the meantime, her urine will be fairly concentrated, as it is just pooling over when her bladder is full, so wash her bedding as required in the meantime.
To avoid the urine scalding her, wash her fanny and surrounding areas down with a really mild shampoo - Aloveen is great, or a soap free one if you can find one on a public holiday!
Blow dry her if you have to, as well.
With regards to soaking up the urine - the terry-towelling pants that little ones wear are also good, (or any high waisted undies) they are stretchy, and you can put a sanitary pad in place that should stay firmly there, as long as the pants are a reasonably firm fit.
Just thought I'd add that in case you get into the nappy spot in the supermarket and freak out about the sizing. :)

25-01-12, 10:54 PM
Thanks OakyPoke, does the Stibartstrol work? From googling, it looks as though there might be a hormone treatment that could help her? Fingers crossed.

25-01-12, 10:57 PM
ToadCountry, thankyou so much, all advice gratefully accepted. She is about 27kg, so not sure about nappy sizing! Thanks again everyone :)

25-01-12, 10:58 PM
Well for my gal it really does work. If ever I forget to give it to her (its once a week) I sure know about it two or three days later. One day back on it and she's tickety boo. My vet said it really would not have any long term bad effects on her and my understanding of it was that it was a mild hormone replacement type thing. Poor girl, I think that means she's been through doggy menopause?

25-01-12, 11:09 PM
I think you are talking about stilboestrol?
Very effective.
Not going to go into the side effects - googling it will be a matter of NOT being able to sort through the shite if you are a first-timer.
And of course, you will google it - but you MUST weigh up her quality of life at her age. :) She's got a better chance of being hit by a random piece of Russian space junk than being affected long-term, as she is in her twilight years.
Talk to your vet - there is also a similar drug in liquid form that may suit as well.
In the meantime - keep her clean and dry. :)

25-01-12, 11:12 PM
Ronnie was desexed at 6 months, and from what I have read, it is more likely to be a hormone problem with older desexed dogs. Hopefully she can be fixed :) Just hope that the supermarket has nappies tomorrow - they were completely out of milk today with people panic buying due to the floods!

25-01-12, 11:12 PM
We had an orphan lamb born in the middle of a particular cold and wet winter, way too cold to stay outside and as it was a new born he cleaned up well.

We did the same as mindari and used a nappy with a hole in it for his tail. It rained for about four weeks, the lamb enjoyed running, jumping and sleeping around the house with the kids, and the nappies stayed on very well.

He grew up to be a well adjusted pet sheep.

25-01-12, 11:15 PM
Yes, it is just about quality of life now - I didn't expect her to last much past Christmas. She has very bad arthritis and has been on metacam for several months :( She has also had both cruciate ligaments replaced in the past.
Lovely story FredKelpie :)

25-01-12, 11:29 PM
Its awful isnt it PonyTael, I watched my own girl go from being a complete 'party on legs' blue cattle dog then the last 5 years or so she slowed down, limped a lot. We've had X Rays done - her spine looks like a bag of crushed ice. She has severe arthritis in most joints. Thing is, on all her drugs (Joint Force, Cod Liver Oil, Carprofen adn the Stibar...whatever and the odd occasional dose of Prednisone) she is still in minimal pain/discomfort. Comes does the tot round the paddock with me feeding up, loves a slow walk round the dam, loves to bark at passers by, gets excited about treats, loves a bath and a roll. I was just saying to her physio today I just dont know....when is 'the day'. I mean you dont want to let them go a day too early but a day too late is just as bad. He just keeps saying to me I'll know when that day has arrived, and I guess he's right. But it is hard to watch them go downhill like that.

25-01-12, 11:38 PM
It is awful, isn't it? Ronnie always came out with us all day on the horses, and she would always beat us in a race! We clocked her at 40kph in the car once. It is very hard to see her like this. Her lifetime partner passed away this time last year due to a tumor on the heart. He was a bigger dog though at about 40kg. It is so hard :(

1st foal
26-01-12, 12:12 AM
*hugs* Ponytael. Hope the nappies do the trick for you.

26-01-12, 12:30 AM
Ok I was getting us all sad.....time to celebrate them!!
Here's my gorgeous 17yo opinionated, loyal, loud bestie. Actually she pretty much just rolled her eyeballs at me right now and toddled off to 'bed'. She has hospital grade foam covered dog bed next to mine. I think that means I'm supposed to go to bed myself now too.

Show us your oldies folks! Ponytael I'd love to see your dawgie!




26-01-12, 01:39 AM
We used a combination of stilbestrol and propalin. Worked well.
Pain meds for cruciates. Both gone again now and is almost time :(

Wash bedding daily and bathe in aloveen. Also have a cream for her fanny but cannot remember the name of it, will look in morning for you.
Bonnie hated nappies with a passion so we managed with daily washing and toilet stops outside every half hr.

26-01-12, 09:29 AM
Here's a photo taken last month

26-01-12, 11:26 AM
Oh PT....gorgeous.....I just wanna give him a 'puppy squish' (hug).

Give him one for me!

26-01-12, 01:23 PM
Our 15 yr old Schnauzer mix ( nuetered male) has had incontinence troubles for several years - he has been on Phenylpropanol (Proin) for quite a while now - vet explained that it works to tighten the sphincter muscle ... seems effective for him.

26-01-12, 01:40 PM
Damn he's a cutie too!!! Nuther puppy squish!

Great to see these old dogs looking elderly but well cared for. Makes me mad when people dont groom and care for them just cause they are old!

26-01-12, 01:51 PM
You can buy doggy nappies (or "doggy diapers"). A few years ago, an Austrade person told me there is a $14 million market for them in Japan of all places. Do a google search and I'm sure you'll find some suppliers.

26-01-12, 02:06 PM
what dear old, lovely, lucky dogs they all are ! arnt our animals just the best things ever to happen to us !