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Emma Rudder
16-03-02, 07:11 AM
Some more results to hand from the Aust. Champions.
Mustang Lodge Tia was Top 5 Led & Ridden Part Bred Mare for John Walker and Swanridge stables. I believe Santa Fe was Res Champ Led Gelding.

Rathowen Madison put in a superb workout with Marcia Abbott onboard in the Ridden Ridng pony Gelding. Kate Marfleet was also successful on Phamton of the Opera.

Naomi Forge with Escarda Spellbound was Champion Led and Ridden Anglo Mare.

I'll try to have a full range of results and possibly photos as well on the website on Mon or Tues next week.

For Sydney questions:
Sarah, no I didn't ask for any stabling. As I'm so close it's easier to get the horses ready at home, arrive, do my classes and go back home! The day parking on the grass is quite nice and away from the noice etc so that will do me fine!! Yes I am taking a few horses but have a good timetable.

I hope everyone else gets there RAS issues sorted out so they can then enjoy the show.

Eddy (Guest)
16-03-02, 07:14 AM
Thankyou very much for posting the news Emma - I'm thrilled!

Lorraine C (Guest)
16-03-02, 07:56 AM
Oh Emma your back. Can I please have your site address again as I have lost some of my favourites. Thank you.

Are any of the Naice Showies making an appearance at the Grand Nationals?

Nativity (Guest)
16-03-02, 08:02 AM
Thanks Emma for the results, its great to hear when us poor souls are stuck at work.

Bouncy didn't get a ribbon/place ?

I will be down tomorrow to watch the led classes then the purebred ridden!

See you all there! :)

Sarah (Guest)
16-03-02, 08:45 AM
Emma's site address is www.emmasshowhorses.homestead.com/emmas.html

We are taking the pony's to Lithgow tomorrow and then doin' the dash to the GNs to watch what's left. Then onto Riding Pony Pagent on Sunday. Hope to see home of you somewhere.

17-03-02, 02:15 PM
Hi Everyone,

Well we have successfully survived the Aussies. Embrace (bless his cotton socks) was Reserve Led Arabian Riding Pony to Rathowen Soloman. Congratulations to Gregory and Mark / Debbie.

Special thanks to Miss Marcia who rode Bouncy superbly.....no bounces....no spits...no nothing....just a lovely pony doing a lovely workout! (Gregory, it was another one of thos workouts that make you proud to know him!).

Naice to see SNH, Nicole (yes, another Naice showie who always reads but NEVER posts....have to see if we can change her ways!), and Nativity today. Thanks for all your support guys...especially this morning when everything seemed to be against us! (Discovering 20 mins before the class that you have left your leading clothes at home.....locking numbers in cars etc etc etc!!) Never mind, we survived, and little Embrace has a very naice ribbon and trophy!! Yippeeeeeee!!!

As for Sydney....well...we have no stables either....but that is because I didn't ask for any. The car park is a wonderful stress free place to show from....so we will do an "Emma"...arrive, do our class(es) and go home!
Our first day is this Friday for the Riding Ponies...anybody else going?


Kaylene (Guest)
17-03-02, 03:15 PM
Hi Jacki

Congrats on todays results! Congrats also to Gregory and John Boy!

Mappa & co are showing Penny at the RP show tomorrow - I'm still here in Adelaide, so will only be able to give a 'Naice Cyber Cheer' for her - so please give her a clap if you're there! She's in the led RP mare and then the ridden Show Hunter over 13.2hh. Keeping my fingers crossed she's a good girl for Anthony (I"m sure she will be!)

Penny has led RP on Friday at I think 130pm. I don't know what I've got (if anything!) re stables as I still haven't received anything. I've called them and explained my situation (ie have now moved to Adelaide, will be flying over, therefore NO FLOAT OR OTHER TRANSPORT to drive Penny 40 minutes to the showgrounds every day! They promised they would try to help and get back to me.

I have been very good and have not gotten cranky with the people in the horse office re the stabling issue when I've rung as I'm assuming that they are just the 'guinea pigs or gophers' and not the ones that have created the situtation. Its very difficult to restrain myself and not get really really cranky with them about it tho!!!!!!!!!!

Let's all have a NAICE time at Sydney anyway!!!!

See you all there! (still can't wait!)

The Fat Arab (Guest)
17-03-02, 03:21 PM
Well hello Naice Showies- Daddy G (not Ali G) has been telling me all sorts of stories and that I was not to eat the flowers for that blonde woman who pretends to ride me occasionally.
I think she was pretty happy with the birthday pressies- better than the carrots I get! I think she is having stong drinks as I tap this out...

Mr Bouncy is very cool - even Auntie Claire was impressed with him. I will have to pull my socks up if I have to beat him at dressage now.

And how good is that Black Idiot - I just have to tell him that its much easier just to trot in a straight line (they give up arguing with you then and you get to eat sooner). Bugger got a big ribbon though...don't really understand why they get all excited but women, go figure!

C Ya
The Fat Arab

18-03-02, 03:50 AM
Congrats Jack, what a great result. Now its all steam ahead for the royal. Happy Birthday for Friday Marcia. Lovely day outside I'm off to do some horsey clothes washing. I think summer has returned.

BSR (Guest)
19-03-02, 01:02 AM
How is all after the weekend?
me, well I have a back ache, a headache, my feet ache, and well I am exausted! lol
Tommy now wants to travel daily between new property and this one He now doesn't want to retire, grrrrrrr now I won't be able to give up this current job.
Oh well back to working on him, someone has to be a caretaker for the new house! LOL

How did all go with showing this weekend?
"Not A Naice Showie", just go away while all tells, we don't want you to get upset again. lol

Jaimie (Guest)
19-03-02, 02:03 AM
Congrats to all who have done well at the Aussies. I have some more results Reserve filly DV8 went to Rathowen Lady in Red who then fronted up at the Pony Pagent the next day and took out Supreme Jnr with LJS Heavens Above going runner up. Both of these pony's are by Courtland Boy Blue (imp) so a big congratulations to GREGORY and to James Mullen!!!!

Hope to catch up with everyone at some stage in Sydney!!

pookiesgirl (Guest)
19-03-02, 02:35 AM
BSR - hey, don't advertise the fact that you need a caretaker - I GOT FIRST DIBS!!!!!! lol BTW BSR, did you get the latest pics of the Toff Monster? Maybe if you know how we coud post the body shot for all our Naice friends to see? Anyhow, congrats to everybody for their successes over the weekend an lets hope more to come with the BIG one starting this week - good luck to everyone and we'll see you in the carpark! Marcia hope you enjoyed your birthday - go the Pisces!

BSR (Guest)
19-03-02, 02:48 AM
I haven't got any new pics.
Do send pleaseeeeeeeeee. lol

Maybe you could send them to Jacki to post up here?

XPY (Guest)
19-03-02, 02:53 AM
Congratulations to all the Aussies successes, it's great to hear.
Happy Birthday to Marcia!!! Hope you had a good day. By the way did you see my new horsefloat? I am going to have to go on a hub cap shopping spree for yours and mine!

So everybody, look out, I've got a towing machine, a horse float, and, well, a horse, so I'm totally independent now so there'll be no stopping me showing now!!!!

pookiesgirl (Guest)
19-03-02, 02:57 AM
BSR - your personal copy just in the email now! And I will send Jacki a copy but Emma is going to put a pic up on her website when she gets a chance anyhow.

taamir (Guest)
19-03-02, 03:19 AM
Kaylene...I can take the pony if you want for each day as I have a float/car and I will be there to help Jackie with the Woodville contingent.

Give me a call 0418 296 662 or email mabbott@tusc.com.au
if we can coordinate a schedule around our classes I would be delighted to help out

Marcia & Taamir

Joanne (Guest)
19-03-02, 06:28 AM
Hey guys where is "not a naice showie" no appearance made today. perhaps she got bucked off her broomstick and really hurt herself this time.

lovlee (Guest)
19-03-02, 06:35 AM
Don't worry, it will more than likely raise IT'S miserable head. lol

Not a Naice Showie (Guest)
19-03-02, 08:20 AM
Alas my miserable head is here.

So your Aussie's campaign went considerably well for those who went. Those who didnt are wiser for the money saved. So the famous bounce pony was ribbonless but I wonder if his owner felt she might have done a better job.

I also saw the black ex colt with an average trot prevail at least after the prolonged absence.

Off to the Royal now for you all. We wonder who will succeed this time. Perhaps those not at the aussie show.

Gossip Queen (Guest)
19-03-02, 08:26 AM
Dare it be a compliment from NANS re: those who saved their money?

Did some of us see you with a tri-colour at Castle Hill also? Did that bring a smile to your usually sullen outlook?

Jaimie (Guest)
19-03-02, 08:32 AM
Why is it that you only pick on Jacki's stock? I was in the same class, so you could quite as easly pick on me so what exactley is you problem with her?

Nativity (Guest)
19-03-02, 09:45 AM

Well if you are going to pick on Jacki's stock you may as well pick on me! I own one! :)

Why are you soooo cranky when you got a 'tri' colour at Castle Hill ?