View Full Version : Show attire - please help

Umm (Guest)
16-03-02, 08:52 AM
Do you have to have a shaped numnah for a hack class or can you have a square one ?

Umm (Guest)
16-03-02, 09:02 AM
PLease help i need to know quite urgently ---

MS (Guest)
16-03-02, 09:29 AM
Ummm - you need to use a numnah that follows the shape of your saddle, not a big square shaped one. You could also use a small cut square sheepkin that sits only under the seat of your saddle.

Eddy (Guest)
16-03-02, 09:32 AM
I would say if you are confident that your saddle fits well you would fit in better to go without rather than use a square cloth. Just give the saddle flaps a little clean afterward!