View Full Version : AWHA mare and foal show/gala day

Dutch (Guest)
18-03-02, 01:50 PM
Had a great day today. Saw lots of lovely horses. Absolutely loved the Junior colt. Thought he was the best one there - judges did't agree though. There were heaps of people there and lots hapening to keep everyone interested. What did everone else think of it?? Who was your favorite horse presented? (stallions paraded and/or competing horses)

breeder (Guest)
18-03-02, 02:09 PM
Who were the judges??

Dutch (Guest)
19-03-02, 12:35 AM
One was Fred Hoevenars (not sure of spelling) and I can't remember the names of the other two.

KT (Guest)
19-03-02, 03:38 AM
I have the program in front of me:

Dressage Judges:
Samantha Bartlett
Karen Davis
Paul Dunstan

Classifiers & Judges:
Fred Hoevenaars
Willy Knauss
Graeme McIver
Roz Moffat
Lexi Wynmalen

breeder (Guest)
19-03-02, 03:47 AM
Thanks Dutch. I asked because sometimes our judges who are also stallion owners/importers can get their knickers in a knot about the offspring (no matter how good) of frozen semen stallions.

I too have seen an absolutely outstanding Junior foal.

MBD (Guest)
19-03-02, 05:48 AM
Hi Dutch,

I too was there. I was not overly impresssed with the quality of the foals this year. It was down on last year. The Junior colt was O.K but he didn't move very well and I was surprised he was given second but that is only my opinion. He was the same type as his dam I thought.the judges may have seen something different in him.

The stallions were nice. I think the nicest one was Rasputin. Frambeau was O.K.

It was a good day though. The national Mare was the best horse there on the day by far. She outstripped any of the foals, and other horses. And she is by a local stallion which was very interesting. Overall the best horses were by local stallions. It may be saying something that all the frozen progeny there on the day was dissapointing and the locally bred horses were the best. look at the two foals who went up for champion foal. Both by local stallions. The frozen progeny did not even rank in contention.

It will be good to see the ISSA and ACE shows. Although I will have to pick which one I go to as they are both on the same day.

It is good to see what others are breeding.

Susanna (Guest)
20-03-02, 04:34 AM
I wanted to get there and didn't so has anyone got the results of the stallion service auction. Were they all sold? Thanks

Viewer (Guest)
20-03-02, 04:40 AM
The Champion filly was by Carbine and just stunning but just remind me, but weren't the "local" stallions all imported? Don't they all offer frozen semen?

KT (Guest)
20-03-02, 04:46 AM
Off the top of my head -
Walton - $1000
Rasputin $1500
Magritte - $1000
Warrantor - $925

I must say that Rasputin was VERY impressive and it will be interesting to see how he goes competing overseas this year.

WB showing (Guest)
21-03-02, 03:08 AM
Have just had a look at the report and pics on this event. i must say the overall standard of turnout was pretty poor. Terrible plaits, cut manes (unevenlly at that) and handlers dressed as though they are about to clean the stables! Not all of course, one or two looked professional. Surely you want to show your youngstock to the best possible advantage???
Are all the breed shows as slack as this?

Onlooker (Guest)
21-03-02, 06:53 AM
I can't remember exactly what Waltons service went for but I do know that it got to $1,300.00 at least I didn't hear after that. All the stallions were great and it is really good to know that we have some very well bred stallions here in Australia.

Black (Guest)
21-03-02, 09:18 AM
I heard that Walton received 25 mares in his first season at stud. It will interesting to see what he throws. I am sure we will see a few of them advertised for sale as foals.