View Full Version : Grand National Videos

Interested (Guest)
19-03-02, 01:46 AM
Can you buy professional videos of the Grand Nationals? If so can someone please post the name/number of the video company?

Competitor (Guest)
20-03-02, 04:07 AM
There was someone doing a video, and I believe you could buy it on the night, but I don't know who. I would love to buy one, as I competed and forgot to take my video camera, and wouldn't you know it? Horse worked really well and got a broad sash!!! If someone knows the contact details, please tell!!!

20-03-02, 04:28 AM
There are videos available, I think a video for each class is available. The contact details are not listed in the programme, though. You could try calling Roma Stonestreet on 0243 582 662. She's the Secretary of the Show Horse Council and should be able to point you in the right direction.

TSH (Guest)
20-03-02, 05:06 AM
Videos are available through: In Focus Videos 02 4344 3660 Greg Marsh at 22 Jimba Close, WOY WOY prices range from $25 to $35 and turn around time is straight away.