View Full Version : God grant me the sense to know when I've done something REALLY stupid- Mid West ODE,

21-03-12, 02:13 PM
I volunteered to judge the dressage for one of the lower levels (no, that's not the REALLY stupid thing).

TD who cannot jump a shadow had made noises about doing the Beginners level, 45 cm. She hasn't ridden for 5 weeks due to lack of motivation- hence horse is for sale, so what do I do ?

Nominated myself to do the little jumps course on her horse. Thought about doing it on mine, but I haven't been able to ride for a month due to having a kidney stone removed and subsequent severe infection, and I dont feel like dealing with fruitloop on XC course.

So what am I doing, my first ODE in 24 years, on my daughter's horse who is a tub of lard, who hasn't been ridden- except to PC with friend's 4yo on board, for 5 weeks. I haven't jumped for years due to injury, so why am I doing it now I ask myself?

At least I know I can pull him out of the paddock with no work between then and now and he'll give me a decent 1A, the worst he'll do XC is fall over the jumps- that is, if we get over the silly coloured rails first.

21-03-12, 02:21 PM
Ha ha! Don't worry, at that level you could trot around and still make time, and the course will most likely be under 2km long, so the hardest part will be walking it. Good luck! I'm judging there too, not sure what level just yet.
I survived a 60cm course at Scone and it was my first event for 11 years :D. Maybe the bug is catching?

21-03-12, 02:22 PM
That's not stupid, that's exciting! :D

21-03-12, 02:36 PM
No Cobie, it's stupid. The horse is 12 and has never been taught to jump- did I forget to mention that bit ? Cannot see the reason to go over when for his entire life he's gone around the logs on the ground. We've now got him going over Roundup drums with poles on top and logs in the paddock, but I need to borrow neighbour's coloured poles between now and then.

21-03-12, 02:42 PM
Lol gasbuster. I predict you'll have a great time and after Mid West you will be checking the calendar for another event to enter.

45cm? Pfft! I could run around the course and jump that under time! (Well, I'd like to think I could! :))

Just read that he hasn't seen coloured poles........ Leg on, gasbuster, leg on!

21-03-12, 02:48 PM


the little one has been taking him to pony club

LIndaH, your stories re Scone are what convinced me to stop sooking and give it a go, and Ollie is such a lazy horse I figured I would be safe.

21-03-12, 03:12 PM
I bet you'll have a ball! And at 45cm, he'll barely be jumping!

I must enter an ODE/Hunter Trial sometime this year...all these stories make me want to jump! It will certainly be...interesting for lack of a better word though!

21-03-12, 03:30 PM
The big issue is probaly not be the jumps but the water.

Hate it or love it.
I have fished both my girls out of the water for oposite reasons. Refusal is easy wet kid.
But but when the pony decides they love it .. big problem. Wet horse, saddle and child. The water icy cold. Not pretty.

I expect you have a few puddles to practise on though....

21-03-12, 05:34 PM
try to get up to an event at burpengary WSF. That is a great ground and their cross country chickens round is really nice. You can practise beforehand. Just contact them and you have to pay a fee and I can't remember the rule on coaches, but they would tell you. If you join Northern Districts Hack and Dressage, you can use the cross country course without having to pay and then will also have other dressage days to go to. It's a nice club. I think SEG are looking at a derby day too and they are fun.

21-03-12, 09:49 PM
Hi Gasbuster if we were always sensible we'd never have any fun and i reckon your gonna have a ball :D
will be sitting here cheering you on :)

22-03-12, 10:32 AM
I bet you'll have a ball! And at 45cm, he'll barely be jumping!

I must enter an ODE/Hunter Trial sometime this year...all these stories make me want to jump! It will certainly be...interesting for lack of a better word though!

LOL Im a western rider and all this talk on ODE's makes even me want to do it all again.

13-04-12, 08:24 PM
Horsefloat packed at lunchtime, ready for 2pm departure. Got difficult loader on in 5 minutes. YES!!!! flat battery. Luckily have a friend in NRMA and checked how to jump start Kluger from DMAX, but needed to let cars run for 15 mins. so, horse off float... Didn't wish to go back on. Finally on the move, every time I get over 85 kms/hr, starts to weave in the float, so just over 2 hours for 150 km.

But I'm here, she's good, little house on the prairie all set up- carpet, strecher, heater, lights, microwave, fridge. God this is good.

I'm first up tomorrow, then judging Prelim FEI test.

Actually quite excited. Met a great dad tonight when washing pony. His 3 girls are competing, and he decided if he was going to drive the truck, he was going to have a go. It's his first ever ODE, and he's in the same class as me- there are only 5 adults and 7 Juniors- bet they'll whip our butts.

Did I also mention I changed my mind on the horse ! My nutcase has been going so well I thought I'd bring her along, so it wont be "leg on, leg on" it'll be "hang on, hang on"

Wish me luck !

13-04-12, 08:28 PM

13-04-12, 11:34 PM
Good Luck gasbuster!!

13-04-12, 11:36 PM
Whooo! Good luck. I should have been there, but my bones had other ideas. Luckily they are beginning to heal and I can even manage a little laugh without too much pain!

14-04-12, 06:44 AM
Woo Gasbuster :)

14-04-12, 07:36 AM
Have fun Gasbuster!!!

Is it bad that I laughed at your post RAB. I just had this mental image that was seriously funny :D

14-04-12, 06:51 PM
RAB knows me and knows where I live, and the fact that we've had a little too much rain

Well it has been an interesting day to say the least. First up for dressage, and the distraction of those funny things (jumps) near the dressage arena was a problem> Finally got he mind on the job as the judge parked at C. Next thing I know, someone was riding a 4 wheeler up the side of the arena leading a horse, and my horse just lost it. I had 4 minutes to get her brain back with me which I don't think I did very well, so all in all, a so so dressage test. I was dissappointed as I know how well she was going at home.

I very nearly chickened out before the showjumping. I walked the course, and the first jump was a small spread, and we've been having a bit of trouble with them- and they were all so big ! First jump, no, sorry, don't do spreads- yes you do...ok but well see if we can flatten it on the way through. Jump 2, 3, and 4 were fairly uneventful, then 5....

6a was cool until she saw 6b. Hang on mum, you never told me we had to do 2 in a row ! so a runout. About now, I was shaking so bad I was ready to retire half way around the course. Every jump felt like a major adrenalin hit and I was seriously overloaded. The rest of the course was ok, I'll give her one thing, if I just sit and steer with my legs and keep pushing, she can really jump.


I was equal first after the dressage, but after my rail, a refusal and 27 time penalties (I had a bowls hat on under the skid lid apparently), I'm now down to 8th from 11, and 2 others got eliminated.

So tomorrow, we'll see how many more time penalties we can rack up.

Have just walked the XC course, and if I get past jump 2, 12 will get me. Ive got to climb a dirt bank into a big tractor tyre and then jump off it.

Having a blast though.

15-04-12, 08:37 AM
10/10 for guts gasbuster! Fantastic! This will be your ice-breaker event - bet you go to another one and why not?! It's gut-churning but such a buzz! Nice horse too! Thinking of you XC today - best of luck! Rgds

15-04-12, 02:16 PM
Well done! Your DR cant have been too bad!and you mare has an awesome jump once you actually get there!

Good luck XC!

16-04-12, 10:02 AM
Flick, the dressage was ordinary. She didn't do anything wrong, but it wasn't soft and she was very tense and hard to keep her attention. It should have been a mid to high 60's test based on how well she's been going, but distractions like this are all part of the education process I guess.

Onto the XC...... the one star horses warming up over big jumps were scary, but not nearly as scary as the things under 12 hands, being ridden by horse eating monsters that flapped and yelled and went really fast. I had to take her away and let her calm down a bit, so our warmup consisted of 20 minutes of 15 m circles at walk and trot just near the start box (we were first to go after the changover so no-one else was there).

I got to jump 9 and needed to walk for a moment to catch my breath. Then continued on, we got onto the tyre after a bit of fiddling. The entire course is within sight of the centre, so we had quite a cheersquad as we went around of the mums of the kids I was competing against- very good sports, though I uess they figured I wasn't much of a threat to their kids.

Got to the last jump, clear, and sort of on time.


I tried to follow every other competitor through the water, she spun, she jacked up, so I tried it backwards, no luck. The organisers tried to lead her to it, no luck. I got off and walked her through it backwards, then got back on and tried to ride it, no way. So they tried to lead me through it again. Ended up in the water and her standing there, but did not feel the urge for a swim in front of 40 people so left while the going was good.

We have a river, my next door neighbour's arena turns into a lake when it rains and she is fine there, but pretty girls do not get wet when they are clean and dressed in pretty clothes.

All in all, an adventuresome weekend, but I wont be making a career change, though I will probably have another go in Sept. if I get invited out to judge again.

16-04-12, 11:03 AM
Water is a case of practice! I make a dedicated effort to ride though every puddle I see!
And we still tend to tip-toe in just incase :rolleyes: ;)
Very nice of them to help you out so much at the water and it does sounds like you had a great time!
Definetly go again in Sept! ;) :p

A trick I have heard, that you could try is wetting their legs & feet before you start. Sometimes it is simply the getting wet bit that they object to.

16-04-12, 08:19 PM
Sorry I put that up now.
Water is pretty much the same scary problem as loading onto a float. Acceptance is not achieved by force , aggression really the opposite - release from pressure.
But then I am just an observer who has watched, and paid for, enough lessons to an expert.

16-04-12, 10:29 PM
All your fault RAB.

I actually think she had a mini meltdown. She's one of those horses that when she sees something new, she likes to stop, have a look and then continue on in her own time and I normally comply with that. If you push her too hard at something she is unsure of, she has a meltdown. Normally, because I only have 2 jumps, she gets to do the same thing many times over and then I change it. By the time we got to the water, she had jumped 16 things she had never seen before without a moment to catch her breath and digest, and I think the water was just the last straw. If it had been anothr strange jump, would probably had the same end result- no way, get stuffed.

So a learning exercise about how much new stuff she can cope with at once.

16-04-12, 11:03 PM
Hi GB - so glad you kept having fun even if the wheels fell off! :) On one of mine, who would go through ANY puddle, we got 182 time penalties at the water..... He jsut would not go in, so I did the float thing of tap tap tap. Someone rushed off and told the committee there was someone abusing their horse at the water, but they got there and went "Oh, it's you." and left again... :) He's gone into EVERY water and drop since then, so I reckon it's the best 182 penalties I've ever spent...

17-04-12, 12:23 AM
TD just back from yr nationals and our little mate managed "champion" vs some pretty classy horses. As much as he is trained he always baulks at the water.
If he (and his rider) could manage the water he would be better at eventing than dressage.... Never going to happen!
Sounds like your TD needs some inspiration - holiday is the big smoke?

17-04-12, 12:47 AM
Ps the other TD won the pc zone Ode c grade despite an appalling 45 % in the dressage. Clear in jumping and cc . The hardest thing was to prevent the pony doing
( love the water or hate it)
She has now moved on to polo crosse - loves it - It does seem more fun than dressage but hard to keep a team together.

17-04-12, 09:54 AM
Sometimes I wonder RAB whether putting her on an FEI schoolmaster rather than the stock horse would have made any difference, but the cost and availability of said schoolmaster a bit of a problem. I think she's just over it for now, and hopefully she'll come back to it later. She still likes to poke around on Ollie, and has been teaching him to jump a bit but not interested in the intense training. Don't know that holiday in the city would help, even though she would probably have a great time with all the other stuff.

Saw the pickies of pony and mum. Great result!

Our pony went to a friend a few weeks ago for their little boys to learn on and for mum to poke about after cattle. Sad to see him go but great he has a new home. I think maybe if he hadn't got hurt, we'd still be in business, even though she would look very silly on him.