View Full Version : Competition tips wanted!

Nik (Guest)
20-03-02, 09:00 AM
After a few years off riding I'm keen to get right back into things. I competed only at PC level as a child. I am now interested in having a try at any and all disciplines, and have no idea where to start! I'd appreciate any tips anyone has on how to get into various disciplines or where I can go to for advice. There is no adult riding club in my area.

For example, to show at a local agricultural show level in the open divisions, is there any association I have to previously register with, or can I just register with the show on the day? Are there any guidelines available on preferred horse and rider presentation for such events?

What about eventing and endurance events?

Any advice is greatly appreciated!

More Info (Guest)
20-03-02, 09:55 AM
WHat sort of horse do you have? Registered? Quality? Your strengths or interests?