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25-03-12, 03:36 PM
Thank god for the real world and my horses, today reminded me why I love them sooooo... it ended a shit week on a nice note.

A friend has been riding my appy most weekends now for almost 2 years ( the borrowed rider) and today we enjoyed the trails ( as compared to last weekend when we did ARC.
First, 4 dogs come screaming out of driveway at a zillion miles ph, followed by a motor bike at the same speed, from behind us.. but we got to meet the man who owns the open gate, and we now can wander his paddock. So after a ride down the road we investigated the paddock, a few roos popped out, and the creek below is amazing..

The boys wandering up today ( NB the one at the front came with a hard to catch tag, has laminitic feet, in an eggspurts opinion) Yep I am still a bit angry I suppose

My appi and his borrowed rider-

My appies winter woolies- he even got a bit hot today.

The horse that has" terrible feet"- and me the disgusting uncaring owner.

25-03-12, 03:38 PM
Closer up of me-( I am getting less cross- til I guess the vet bill arrives to see what was inside those feet) trying not to drop my phone case.

25-03-12, 06:16 PM
Hi Cyrus. Sorry to hear about your laminitic horse, but what got me was the pink things on legs, what are they? Sorry for my lack of rider gear I'm a jeans & boots girl. Joddies on me you'd want to throw up. So I hide my probs with jeans.

25-03-12, 06:56 PM
They say sarcasm is the lowest form of wit samdonks- sorry I am being sarcastic after an interesting week... ( see a foot thread I began for a bit of a cryptic vent... more vent here... I am less grumpy as the week progresses

Those pink things on my legs are my STC Suede coolana Chapettes.
I have a grey set I have had for maybe 15 years, and went searching for the same again- of course I found they came in pink- so in the years of being different - I got them- they are fading now :) and a bit big on my calf... as the flaps stick out, but they are also good because they do adjust, and when riding near trees fences etc- they offer good protection for ones legs, and if you fall off - it helps too.


25-03-12, 08:13 PM
Your sarcasm is hiding your poor weeping heart

Who cares what some old lady says anyhow

Do you?
Do you really?

If it were 10 old ladies, then maybe....but let it slide....perhaps when she saw you ride, she thought 'hell! There's nothing I can teach this woman...she is a star....maybe Ill just deflect attention to her liddle horse...pick it to bits.....and try and break her that way.'
How did she go?
You broken?

Dear liddle horse.

25-03-12, 08:33 PM
ha ha - I wish harriette- LOL

I am just happy I can get on most days :) and get out and about to see the views :)

I have been teacher all my life, and something kind of irits me when people send you along a garden path. Sure- if we ask for an opinion, fine fine. If I had feet that looked like some of the ones we have dug up, I could understand the attack my little horse and I suffered, if I was hobbling along, and looking dog lame- sure-

One day I will have a DVD of the lesson before I got booted for arguing- and I will happily share it- I am fat- no perfect at anything, but who is???

who me - argue ???:eek: Never -
I was born angelic, of course...
until you crucify my horse...
then my devils horns grew. Ill be over it when the refund appears in bank account.

Tb Lover
25-03-12, 10:21 PM
Great pics Cyrus :) ..... Well it WAS supposed to be my day off (well to do Bookwork Quotes etc etc aww housework:eek:) But after FOUR yes 4 times yesterday being asked by a certain person........ "I know the first test ..... BUT if if you are in the area" :D

Yes I called the test!!!

A newbie to Dressage and did a couple of Preps - did good too - So I was a great Hand Holder :)

25-03-12, 10:34 PM
Nothing better than having someone to hold ones hand- it was a lovely day here too. Did they enjoy the ride and make it to the end :)

26-03-12, 07:13 PM
Great pics, cyrus. Especially love your appy, AND your pink chapettes!

26-03-12, 07:26 PM
I like the pics Cyrus.