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21-03-02, 09:15 AM
I am off to the Wandin event to do the freshmans x-country and the showjumping with my fat little man on the weekend! Yay, it has been a few years since he was out at a show so it could be pretty funny. My mare is just back in work so I don't think it is worth risking more injury by pushing her too much too early. Is anyone else going?
Cys. :)

Debbie (Guest)
21-03-02, 02:41 PM
Hi Cysco, we were there the weekend before last at TTT HT. Would love to go back this weekend but we are off to Tonimbuk for TTT SJ.

Course was great just watch out for the ditch !

You should have a ball.

22-03-02, 03:00 AM
aaggghhhhhhhhh.................................... .:) What is to watch with this ditch?????? What is the water jump like? I will do one of the lower training levels and my fat guy is usually great with water, I just hope it's hot incase he decides to send me for a swim! Good luck with the TTT SJ, I really like the facilities at Tonimbuk, it's nice to jump horses on good ground!

Debbie (Guest)
22-03-02, 05:00 AM
Hi Cysco, there is nothing really wrong with the ditch but it was fence 4 and the light / shadow was a bit odd and boy did it cause some problems ! Level 3 up (I think) had a log type jump after the ditch but it was several strides after, the ditch is basically just an open ditch on the flat.Stops, falls, cat leaps eliminations etc.

The water also eliminated heaps but I guess water can always be a problem if you do not a facility to school over. Actually rode beautifully if you had a horse that would go into water.

I have not seen so many eliminations listed at a comp ever I don't think but they were mainly at those two jumps.

Like I said you will have a ball doing freshmans.


22-03-02, 05:02 AM
Thanks Debbie I appreciate the warning. I'll make sure I keep my eye out for that one. I think the water one will be ok (hopefully lol) Any bodies end up in the ditch or is it not deep enough for that?