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Looking (Guest)
22-03-02, 12:59 AM
Well it is raining out side! and the Neddy's think it's the middle of winter the wusses, But I will give them a warm breakfast. We have a Tassie EFA website now, it had the Dressage results on it and a lovely photo of What A Hunk.
The Site is www.efatas.con.au nice to see an all tassie one. Bye

Fiona in Tassie (Guest)
22-03-02, 01:52 AM
Wow, Hunky got Reserve Champ Prelim - what a star! And he got equal first with Kerrie and Sven in one of the tests - he must be even better than I remembered him! :-)

By the way, to get to the EFA site you need to change the link to com, not con!

Looking, I phoned last night to ask about the Clifton schedule, and hacks ARE after galloways. I was warned not to think that meant hacks would be on at any particular time though, because as the person said, they might only get 2 galloways (then again they might get 15). Makes it very hard to know when to start warming up - Grace is one of those horses that if you don't warm up enough, she is very tense and can be explosive in the class, but if you warm up too long she dies and falls on the forehand.

I'm looking forward to seeing you and Monty there. Anyone else going?

Looking (Guest)
22-03-02, 01:38 PM
Sorry about the con not com!!

Dimmy (Guest)
22-03-02, 01:57 PM
well i stil ahven't ridden yet
i was going to today but it was to cold....yea ok so iw as lazy and didn't want to ride!!

so the insurance people called and said that yep i get new rugs so thats one good thing about your rugs been stolen but the bad thing is knowing that someone was in the paddock with your horse without my concent which makes me feel uneasy.

anyway thats all good and don't worry the rugs will ahve my ph no al ove rthem
so no one wil stil them!!

so i'm going to go to the clifton show but i won't ride just watching, which is alwasy fun casue then you can talk and aren't as stressed as every one else. lol

oh well i ahven't ridden but i promise my self that i will ride tommorow!

ok well bye

Tassie girl (Guest)
23-03-02, 07:08 AM
Looking did you know that Hamilton show had appaloosa welshie and Minnie classes there I found out thursday when I got my welshie newsletter its herd to get the ponies ready in two days . would have been good to show there when its so near to place

Looking (Guest)
25-03-02, 08:09 AM
Yes tassy Girl our club sponsored the appy classes and your welsh club should have told it's members earler I did't see all the classes but a lovely little bay stallion got supreme and my Monty got Supreme Appy so I am very happy person and he got reserve Champion Appy to day at the western show at pontville so I came home as it was so hot today and yesterday so I did't ride at clifton today sorry Fiona but I will see you some other time I hope Gfrace went well!

Looking (Guest)
25-03-02, 08:10 AM
Sorry I mean Grace

Cleo (Guest)
25-03-02, 11:41 PM
Does anyone know the saddle class results from either Hamilton or Wynyard?


Fiona in Tassie (Guest)
26-03-02, 03:56 AM
Wow Looking, you have been busy, I can see why you didn't come to Clifton! Congratulations on Monty's successes, you must be very pleased :-)

Grace was on her best behaviour at Clifton, and we ended up winning Champion Hack and Supreme Ridden. I am one happy camper! :-)

Thank you very much to Dimmy, who held my ribbons and provided moral support. Did you end up riding yesterday?

Looking (Guest)
26-03-02, 10:02 AM
WOOOOO!!! Fiona, Grace was a good girl, I am sitting inside and it is hailing yes HAILING after 30 at two o'clock thats tassy weather for you. Bye

Dimmy (Guest)
27-03-02, 07:45 AM
ok well fiona i kinda got side traked, and went swiming instead of riding, and i was gunna ride today but i have tonsilitis and well.........

ok yea i haven't ridden but i will at easter time! Grace was soo good on sunday, after you left those people with there 2 horses and the float were stiltrying and the gretish horse run away and so i had to shut the gate casue they couldn't find it!!

Oh Tassie Girl, i really like the satin bib mum bought of you down at the sorell market, it fits dimmy nicely, i told mum i wanted a pink one and well yep it's pink!! she said that you also had some jodphurs which were brightly coloured. at the market on easter monday i will have to come down and have a look at them casue i love bright joddys and my next door nieghbour was after a fleecy neck rug as well, it should be a good market!!

oh well anyway i can't wait for my rugs to arrive from saddle world, i'm getting excited but i reckon they will be too warm for dimmy anyway yet, i dunno about this weather its soo confusing i just out all of dims rugs on and now it's sunnny again!!

oh well sees ya later
Maretta + Dimmy

Curious (Guest)
29-03-02, 12:02 AM
Anyone know anything about the Anzac Day show at Tangara. A contact name or phone number would be good. Tashorse just has the date and show no other details - good one.

Looking (Guest)
01-04-02, 01:18 AM
Well we are going to sleep again or is it just the end of daylight savings! I hope you all had a good easter and not two many eggs HA See you all soon bye

Fiona in Tassie (Guest)
04-04-02, 02:32 AM
Just bringing this back up to the top...

How was everybody's Easter? Lots of choccie? Lots of riding?

I had a lovely ride through the pine forest at 5 Mile Beach on Monday, and another really good lesson with Manuela McLean yesterday. She is so good at making things simple! :-)

Anna_TAS (Guest)
04-04-02, 04:51 AM
I had a good Easter, more damn Choccie than you can poke a stick at!!!!
I had a great lesson on Monday with Sunny, am hoping to get more riding in through the week, but am not happy about loosing daylight savings :( I don't get home until 6pm.

As anyone joined the EFA yet for their lessons? Is it expensive?

And what with the Anzac Show who is going???? Might have to drag ourselves down for it. :D:D

Liz (Guest)
04-04-02, 05:28 AM
It's $45.00 to become a senior associate membership with the EFA.

SHC (Guest)
06-04-02, 01:00 PM
Show Horse Council Funday at Westbury Showgrounds. Starts at 10.30am, April 28th. $20 per horse

Champion & Reserve, Led & Ridden Small ponies, Large Ponies, Galloways and Hacks.

Champion & Reserve Leading Rein

Champion & Reserve Riders

All Champions Receive Sash and $10 Gift Voucher

Supreme Led & Ridden to receive Garland and trophy.

Overall Champion Rider to receive browband and tailbag.

Ummmmmmmm (Guest)
07-04-02, 12:00 PM
Isn't that SHC day being held at Longford showgrounds????

Cleo (Guest)
08-04-02, 12:37 AM
I think that the SHC Fun Day is at Longford. There was an ad in Saturday's Examiner, with contact details for enquiries. Sounds like a great programme and prizes.

Campbell Town schedules will be out this week. The dates are Friday 31 May (Dressage) and Saturday 1 June (Hacking and Showjumping). Incorrect dates on the EFA website.

Lets hope the weather stays as beautiful as it has been for a while longer - tho some rain wouldn't go astray - but lets hope only of a night!!!!!

Kel (Guest)
09-04-02, 09:57 AM
Yes the funday is at Longford Showgrounds.

Your horses behaved themselves (sort of) Cleo!!!

Deb (Guest)
09-04-02, 11:01 PM
Wow I just luv the tassie horsey add. Just goes to show that someone here knows how to do it most tassie adds are so bad.

Looking (Guest)
09-04-02, 11:52 PM
What Tassie Horse? on TV or were Please tell!

Fiona in Tassie (Guest)
10-04-02, 12:14 AM
Are you talking about the Horseland ad Deb? If so, I saw it last night and I want the grey - so balanced and soft in the canter! :-)

Cleo (Guest)
10-04-02, 03:35 AM
The grey horse on the Horseland ad is "Secret Delight". Doing lovely dressage and very successful in the Hack ring. I agree the ad is beautiful - filmed at Bowthorpe, which is a picturesque setting in autumn, or winter, or spring or summer!

Don't you just love the colours of the new season rugs? How I wish I could afford to change rugs every year so my ponies had the very latest in fashion accessories!

Kel - glad to hear they weren't too wicked for you! Will call in and see you when I have 5 minutes!

Looking (Guest)
11-04-02, 12:22 AM
Well what a lovely morning I went for a ride at 6.30 and it was fantastic and I think Monty was in shock as he was a very good boy no jumping about!I don't know if I could do it all the time, but it was nice. Has some one seen the program for the show on the 25th Anzac day is there hacking? please tell thanks

Deb (Guest)
11-04-02, 02:07 AM
Yep the saddlery add it the one I mean but can't say I noticed the rugs just watched the horses next time I'll check out what they are selling.
Looking I asked about the Anzac Day show in an earlier post but nothing yet I guess theyll just complain when noone turns up.