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29-04-12, 06:20 PM
I have been someone for many many years who never used boots on my horses, however, I have recently been converted by my instructor. Off I toddled to horseland and bought what I thought was a nice pair of boots and for the last month or so, 3 rides a week, they have been fine, today in my lesson we were doing a lot of more forward and transition work and when I took the boots off at the end of it all, one boot had rubbed raw on the inside of his fetlock where he had obviously been brushing, Boot was bloody and I felt very guilty! I can't remember the brand, but they are soft boots, not a hard shell type, and wrap fully around his leg.
I would like to know what others use??
On another more annoying (though I am glad) note. Instructor told me yesterday Yes, 2 lessons in 2 days) that I should get some bell boots on this horse while riding (you can hear him clipping his front feet with his hinds as he moves) so after lesson yesterday I head off to horseland and get a pair of snazzy black and pink bellboots for the lovely price tag of $30, thinking they are nice and thick and should provide a decent amount of protection. On they go for lesson today, at end of lesson I go to take them off, one is destroyed!!! Huge chunks taken out all around the bottom!!! Very annoyed to only get one ride out of a pair of $30 bellboots, however thankful he had them off, cause that could well have been his foot with the missing chunks!! *sigh* off to buy another (cheaper) pair! I loved the pink ones though!


29-04-12, 06:25 PM
Hi Dragoness - I like to use the Easy Boot Gloves. I find them really easy to put on and off and never have any problems with rubbing. I have a friend who does endurance riding with them - up to 160K's. She put me onto them.


29-04-12, 06:25 PM
Maybe get your saddler to make up some leather cased bells, then you won't be loosing chunks...

Riding and or trimming differently can reduce forging heaps.

All the best

29-04-12, 06:30 PM
I use Cavallos on my horse, when I need to ride off the property. One day I travelled out and was having a lovely ride, got hom and found a rub injury :(

Now I put socks on my girl and pull them up so that they don't allow the boot to rub (I think that you can get pastern wraps as well but I was in the country and on holidays, so used the next best things. The socks worked to ensure that no more rubbing occurred and it healed nicely.

29-04-12, 06:33 PM
I dont mean boots like easy boots, I mean brushing boots (like open front sj boots). :)


29-04-12, 06:41 PM
These are mine that I got made from Dappled Grey (previously Mad Cow Custom Chaps). They are leather and lined with sheepskin...love them as they are not synthetic on their legs for work. They also do matching bell boots.:)

AND they come in pink too as you can see.;):D


(don't mind Norbit in the background...it's basically impossible to do anything with him around not sticking his nose in!)

29-04-12, 07:34 PM
I knew someone who's horse over reached terribly under saddle. She wasn't prepared to take a recommendation to see a different farrier and instead got very expensive leather bell boots.

Horse stood on the boot hard and bought itself down. Fortunately the rider landed well but others have been badly injured from such falls.

If the horse over reaches when it is being excited or silly then damaging bell boots might be expected but if it is doing it when working well I'd be seriously considering a different trim.

29-04-12, 08:11 PM
He only had shoes put on Thursday, up until then he was just trimmed. Have had 3 different farriers, it has always been the same, but without shoes, he didnt run the risk of tearing his heel open.
Perhaps shoeman(??) can explain to me how a hoof can be trimmed so differently that would avoid the horse overreaching at all.


29-04-12, 08:34 PM
I use the premier equine brushing boots durning hot weather or out on trails they have breathability holes and most times when the boots are taken off there are no hot sweaty spots.
Regarding trimming bringing the break over point further towards the frog helps and reduces my boy tripping on flat surfaces!!!
Bell boots I just use rubber ones in the paddock and out on the trails. I much prefer destroyed bellboots than destroyed heels lol

29-04-12, 09:11 PM


also, here's some brush boots for $40


29-04-12, 10:30 PM
Hi Dragoness.

I put front boots on my horses, and if they brush behind or wear back shoes too they get all four boots on. For the most part I use either Zilco or Horze boots. sheepskinish lining and semi hard outer. Recently they started to rub one horse who had worn those type for years, and I wanted something that was more flexible and a lot softer on the leg.

I bought these HKM sheepskin lined, synthetic leather type outer. They are much more flexible and mould to the leg better than the other ones. They have a very thick sheepskin lining that prevents against knocks. No rubbing at all, not even where the old ones had already left a small sore.

Well priced and they look good too :) I just hose mine off every day and chuck them in the machine occassionally and they come out like new. Will be purchasing more down the track.

On the bell boot front, if he is over reaching bad enough to destroy the bell boots in one wear, I would get the neoprene ones with replica leather outer. Seem a bit more sturdy and long lasting.