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02-05-12, 11:40 AM
Hi guys,
I have tried without success to find a video of a certain horse race on the web.

(someone I know is interested in racing, and I have told him it is one of the best duels I have seen - he doesnt recall the race and I would like to show him :) - not life and death important, but it would be nice)

I have trawled through various websites, and You Tube, but cant locate it (all the names are very common, so I get hundreds and cant seem to limit it).

I know some of you have amazing searching skills, and I thought someone may be able to help

It is the 2003 BMW stakes in Sydney - Freemason beat Northerly

thanks guys - bit of a long shot, but thought I would ask :)

ta muchly

02-05-12, 01:50 PM
Can't help with that one but try a search for the Cox Plate finish between Bonecrusher & Our Waverly Star, the best I've seen & neither horse was the same afterwards, they must've both been absolutely gutted :(

02-05-12, 02:27 PM
ta - I have seen that one, and it was good :) but not sure if you have seen this one but I think this one is better

Freemason and Northerly were under the wip over the last 200m, but not heavy - from the 1100m mark the horses were having their own battle, and even the last 200m it was not 'punishing' riding if that makes sense.

I love watching horses that want to win - Lonhro, Octagonal, Super Impose etc - bloody minded horses that just pin their ears back and want their nose in front

02-05-12, 06:19 PM
Don't know what you googled but how about this?
http://www.racingandsports.tv/viewVideo.asp?vid=1OR&type=0 :D Whoops!! Not available....copywright infringements!
Maybe here, haven't time to check

Jenny Barnes 1
02-05-12, 08:14 PM
gdh - Bonecrusher wasnt gutted by that run. He went to Japan for the Japan Cup that November and got very very sick soon after arriving (as in they thought they would lose him to travel sickness). He survived and came back to racng but wasnt the same horse.

Old Silver
26-10-13, 09:08 PM
My reply is a bit late I know! I just watched that race on TVN and happened to be recording it! Then I googled it out of interest and found your post!
If you still need a copy I could maybe work out a way for you to get it??

26-10-13, 09:42 PM
This link shows the last 300m only. Around the 20.35 time mark.


Bonecrusher v Waverly Star. I was at the course and never ever has anything matched it IMO, it was not just about the race but the buildup and crowd. The crowd erupted as they strode to the lead along way from home, and roared all the way to the post.

Waverly Star had previously dominated weaker NZ fields running fast times, but in Aust naturally seemed to possess a short sprint as indicated in the Cox Plate where he appeared to have the race won around the turn, and again in the shadows of the post, before shortening stride. I don't think it was a gut buster race. I rather think they were a touch over-rated leading into that race, illness etc for Bonecrusher.

The gut buster race I saw was the sprint down the straight between Miss Andretti and Gold Edition - a race into the breeze with no rest around turns etc, and by sprinters who may be more suspect from gut buster runs. GE was retired almost immediately due to pulling up poorly etc, and MA was lengths below her brilliant champion best ever after.

26-10-13, 09:47 PM
My reply is a bit late I know! I just watched that race on TVN and happened to be recording it! Then I googled it out of interest and found your post!
If you still need a copy I could maybe work out a way for you to get it??

I am sure we would all love to see it, is an upload possible?

Jenny Barnes 1
26-10-13, 10:31 PM
Miss Andretti was actually stuffed by the trip to Hong Kong - around the turn the wrong way and just didn't handle the travel there. Her first up run afterwards in Adelaide where she led and found nothing in the last bit was a shock to everyone. However with hindsight the trip to HK and then hardly a spell due to quarantine and back into training for the autumn did not agree with her. SO they gave her a decent spell but first up the following Aug she did nothing so was retired.

Gold Edition spelled and came back the following autumn where she was found to be lame after being beaten 2 lengths by Apache Cat in the Lightning. That injury saw her retired.

26-10-13, 10:44 PM
Miss Andretti was actually stuffed by the trip to Hong Kong

She was stuffed before she left!

By memory GE was retired immediately after the gut buster, and should have stayed retired!

Jenny Barnes 1
27-10-13, 07:39 PM
Racing Victoria shows as I wrote above in regard to Gold Edition (unless going to HK Gr 1 sprinters always spell after Flemington). Doubt they would have wiped the autumn in Melb by going to HK if they thought she was jaded by the Flemington race.

27-10-13, 08:21 PM
will look it up

Old Silver
01-09-14, 01:25 PM
Was late with my original reply posting and now am late with reply again! At the time, I was looking for various races to use at our club's M Cup Calcutta and found the Freemason-Northerly request by accident. After posting that I had the race (mp4 file; 255MB), I bookmarked the page and went on with my Calcutta preparations. Promptly forgot to re-check cyberhorse! Sorry. Still have file if anyone interested but doesn't seem to upload to You Tube - probably a copyright problem as it was taken from a TVN show with the Callenders et al in a program on the 10 best long shot winners (BMW Stakes was their #5). it certainly was a great race but still doesn't "make the hairs stand up" like the "equine immortality" race! If anyone (a) still interested and (b) knows how might be able to pass on the copy, I'll re-check cyberhorse a bit more frequently for response!