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  1. No problem!! There is always next time. What a shame you got caught up with naughty children stuff though. Will see you & Miss gypsy next Sunday!
  2. Sorry I didn't end up calling... the other 2 ended up not being able to go and I got stuck at the inlays with some naughty children stuff going on
  3. Hey Caille, Yes I do!! What time are you going? I am working till 4 at Shellharbour (job #2 to keep the boy in the luxury he has grown accustomed to!!) so if it is then or alittle later I can!
  4. Hiyas! Did you say you lived in the 'Gong? I'm going down to Dapto to pick up my son from MIL's and am planning on meeting Anubis and Aargo for coffee/cakes/lunch/horseychat for a little bit if you'd like to join us! My number is 04 0352 6619.
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