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  1. LOL consider yourself hugged. gee have you had a peek at my thread, tuggers has copped a royal pasting.

    about time the sanctimonious prick

    but I didnt say that, just thought it.

    where abouts are you now? itch is so hard, I now have 3 that get it and discovered vaseline mixed with sulphur stops the bastards in their biting tracks and hair is back in two weeks. although it makes a disgusting mess that will not wash off except in warm soapy water ... chin up might get to meet for a coffee or a tea one day, im in penrith

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words...I was so surprised & hurt that people can say those things & judge so harshly when they're completely ignorant of the situation. I've had my Arab since I was 16, obviously the last thing I want to do is find a home for him but seeing him in pain/bleeding every summer is not fun for me or him. I am not one to give up on animals quickly - my rescue shepherd contracted a condition called EPI, look it up if you have a chance, the poor boy was costing me around $200 a week with vit. B injections, medication that had to come from USA, and organic salmon as a diet 😕 For 2 years I tried to save his life but failed 2 summers ago. I'll never forget it.
    Once again, thank you for sticking up for me & help me realise horsey people aren't all complete jerks! (I didn't want to write this on the post to start more.)

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