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  1. Hi Sandy
    Strange you have any stock for sale that would suit a small child as a first pony...A shetty or mini?
    My dear friend and boss is looking for his grand daughter.
    He's a good bloke who will pay appropriate dollars for the right horse...the kind that couldn't care less if a kid is hanging off it's ears at ponyclub.
    If you have or know of something give me a yell and I will put you in touch with each other
  2. do you mean 6.5k equates to 65,000?

    what breed is she?

    hey congratulations your photos showing up here anyway. looks great
  3. hi spotted your message saying did i want to be your friend.

    hey whats this about a black with silver?????

    ho i so wanted a black with silver mane and tail n big enough to ride. the only silvers i have are 10 hand ponies. sigh


    n ive sent u a pm couldnt figure how to put a message to alert you
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