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Thread: Import/export questions

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    Default Import/export questions

    Hi all,

    I have a TB that I want to bring with me when I move back to Sweden at the end of the year. I have received all the information about the actual flights and costs, but I would really like to get in touch with people that have imported or exported horses in the past and what your experiences are!
    I am a little worried how my horse will cope with acclimatising when he arrives in Sweden (especially IF I move him in December when it is 40 degrees in Brisbane and 0 degrees in Sweden at best). Do horses get jet lagged in the same sense we do? How well do they cope with the change in temperature and climate etc?
    He is a pretty chilled dude when it comes to travel so I think he will be fine with the actual trip, I just want to hear what others have to say about the arrival and the time after - how long did it take before the horse was back to normal or if you imported a brand new horse - how long until it had settled in?

    Any other information that you guys can provide me with, and I am not thinking of, would be great!

    Thanks in advance!


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    I have experience bringing a horse from Europe to Australia in June.
    IMHO this is the best time to import.

    I think taking your horse from Australia to Sweden will be OK. You can always rug and stable the horse to keep warm.

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    If you can afford it, give him a larger travelling box.
    As long as he travels well , ( meaning he isnt likely to freak , and by your description of him, he isnt ) , and he doesnt suffer travel sickness, no reason why he wont be fine.
    Sometimes they take awhile to acclimatize, but its not like you want to race or event him at a certain time, once there , is it ? If not, then he has time to settle in . Just give him time to get over his jet lag, and rug him up , as it will be a huge climate change.
    Could you not do it sort of mid seasons, instead of middle of Ozz summer to middle Sweden winter ??
    Just rug him up and keep him warm, when he gets there , otherwise.
    A mate took a horse to Ascot, UK, from here , in June, 3 times, to race. He did well but he was so tired of standing, the 1st time, he fell in a heap, forward, when the plane landed, and they had trouble getting him up , so the next time he went, he got a bigger travelling box, and he did fine.
    He won that first time, after his nose dive, and never was worse than 3rd in his 3 trips.
    AND he travelled back again, 3 times, so your bloke should do OK just given time once there .

    PS Just remember Vintage Crop. He travelled out here 3 times and won a Melbourne Cup, and with a better ride would have won 2.
    Lived to an old age when he went home.
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    Default Export/import

    Hi ebba is your horse traveling with IRT I'm sure they would have testimonials you could read.

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    Ebba, you may want to talk to some of the dressage and eventing competitors around Brisbane who do send horses back and forth between Queensland and Europe - having met a lot of those people, they are very friendly and approachable and may be able to give you first hand experience.

    A friend of mine took her WB from Qld to France, he appears to be doing brilliantly over there and I don't believe she regrets that decision at all.
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    As long as you are able to rug him because he will be in his summer coat and he does not have to learn to dig through snow to find his food I think he will cope well.

    I have imported three from the Netherlands and I think it is much harder for them to adjust to the heat as you cannot compensate the way you can with rugging.

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    Hi guys,

    Thank you so much for your replies and sorry for the late reply - didn't realise anyone had posted. Ideally yes I would bring him over in say May/June but due to my visa etc I don't really have that option. But it's comforting to hear that he should be fine with appropriate rugging! That's an easy fix. And like you guys said, horses get shipped all over the world all the time for competitions.
    LisaL - how would I get in contact with those people? Just give them a call/send them an email? That's a great idea and something I will get onto tomorrow.

    Thanks again guys!!

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