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Thread: where have all the threads gone?

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    on a hill in the hunter valley.


    How ya going Mindari ?? How are you re your treatment etc ??
    This forum is still stuffing me around,,,,,,

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    finished my last radiation two weeks ago today, the doc said the side affects would continue to get worse over the next two weeks and yep sure did.

    skin has pealed twice so far and feels like throat cut, the hardest to deal with is right side of tongue is so painful and cant control it. only left side. so to talk have to keep teeth clenched or will bite it. anyway to talk just doubles the pain.

    then there is the weird world now in.
    everything i try to eat is both metalic and cardboard at the same time?
    even water?

    just makes you gag

    swallowing is difficult but discovered keep any food on the left side is easier and less painful.

    brother in law had radiation same place a few years ago so he has been a great help, advising how to cope.

    bad news is he didnt get normal taste back for a year?

    losing weight at about the rate of 1 to 1 1/2 kg a week, which is at least a bonus, had gained 8 kg thanks to the chemo, thats gone plus another two, at this rate will be back to BMI in another two weeks

    immune system crashed so have to take antibiotics twice a week to stave off pnemonia.

    have to wonder whether all this damage is worth it?

    if its your time have to wonder why fight it if this is the damage they do to you anyway eh?

    I remember when someone here's dad was considered beyond hope with cancer but had already had chemo it was the pnemonia that took him out before he could begin Engeniec's cure, it kills the cancer with none of the damage to the rest of the body but its still only allowed to be used on those already been fried alive by the big pharma's chemo.

    I well remember his oncologist saying they couldn't wait for the day the nano cell technology was the first line of defence instead of the last.

    Big phama is doing all they can to prevent that, they would lose millions. it only takes a fraction of the dose to eliminate the cancer, even brain cancer without surgery

    wonder if any of us will live to see it implemented some day.

    bit scary thinking how long it takes to recover from the standard burn em alive treatments.

    so many get taken out by pneumonia I am learning.

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    Oh mindari I am so sorry. I really sounds awful But it can't be your time just yet cause you're still here!

    The food tasting must be horrible it sounds how tinned tuna tastes to me! At least I can not eat it.

    Hang in there things can only improve
    hugs and thoughts to you XOXO

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    exciting morning, woke up and realised can control both sides of my tongue.
    also pain much reduced.
    The doc did say the next two would get worse so helped in coping but its only two days since the dreaded two weeks elapsed. so excited at how quickly can notice improvement.

    on the great side, needed to lose weight after all that went on thanks to the chemo.

    Been praying for my darling daughter in law, back in hospital with an infection after her emergency surgery. She had suffered a twisted bowel only two days before Paul died so suddenly.

    Weird isnt it, still here.

    You just cant guess whats next, just take each day as it comes.

    Love Frecks new place, so happy for him.

    oops treacle.
    forget how many names he went through during the wild days.
    so many laughs

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    If I could shoulder some of your pain I would.. I've known you a long time mindari and it pleases me that I could entertain and cause you laughter over these years (all I have to give is myself ?)

    May you find comfort quickly but in reality these things will take the time it takes

    Our biggest lesson in this life is said to be the learning of letting go of what we value ?

    Be strong and look for the silver lining within the cloud my friend

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    thanks, I have always loved your sense of humour

    Best advice you could give anyone and yes there sure is a silver lining.

    learning a whole new world

    very disorientating, sense of smell works, so?

    food smells awesome.

    chocolate ditto - just dont try and taste it or? result UGH! DITTO for bread and cake and so many things, even chips? even salt and vinegar may as well chew on sawdust.. LOL hubby is loving it, gets to munch and no worry about me nicking it.

    decided to try a mocha coffee this morning and all I could taste was the milk?

    Went to see my friend Grace today, (I used to be her carer) and on the way home was treated to chinese beef, bean sprouts and noodle soup with coriander this afternoon, by her son, my ex boss. such an adventure, the smell was glorious. I could TASTE the beef! whatever was in the soup was really nice, the bean spouts were a real adventure, nothing like they used to taste but nice and crunchy. the only thing that tasted like I remembered was the coriander.. was real fun.

    I have been looking after his 92 year old mum for over a year until I ended up in hospital instead of it being just Grace, although it too was hilarious, all three of us ended up in three different hospitals that day.

    haven't seen her for three weeks as I had been too sick until today, we had such fun, she just loves going out in her wheelchair and seeing the flowers and now she is at Leura in the mountains, the gardens along the streets are just glorious, the leaves are just turning their autumn colours

    I hope it snows for her this winter, grace hasn't seen snow for a long time, (she came here from Canada in 1948)

    we are having a ball comparing what things taste like for me compared to what they taste like for her.

    Grace has lost her sense of taste for a lot of things too and she just loves it that i have the same problem now too.

    At least she can still taste chocolate, so I gave her a packet of maltesers, she loves them.

    to me they taste like muddy clay

    The clouds these days have some very interesting coloured linings :-)


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